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The Face Wash Series, Part 5: Micellar Water

In France, micellar water is the most popular option for cleansing your face. It’s now making its way to the United States, where more and more women choose to include the scientifically-designed cleanser in their beauty routines. Is it just a fad, or does it work?

We spoke to Dr. Eric Jourdan, the Scientific Director for French skin care brand Bioderma, about what micellar waters are (you’ll be surprised: it all comes down to molecular structure, “surfactants,” and other things). He also explained how micellar products work and helped us choose the right micellar product for you.

How does micellar water work? 

Surfactants are molecules whose heads are directed toward water and their tails toward oil. The seats are hydrophobic (hate water), so in a solution of water, they group and form micelles. Micelles are small particles that remain suspended in water for an indefinite period. These micelles can trap impurities, dirt, and excess sebum. Bioderma micellar solution does not require rinsing as the impurities trapped by the cotton pads are removed. The micellar solutions also protect and strengthen the hydrolipidic layer of the skin.

How do you apply micellar solution?

Step 1: Apply the solution to the cotton pads where the micelles are going to open. Cotton is hydrophilic so the water-loving micelles will be drawn to it.

Step two: Apply the cotton to the skin. The lipophilic end will capture any lipids, such as excess sebum, pollution residue, or makeup.

Step Three: The micelles fix the impurities on the cotton pad and then remove them. They are thrown out with the cotton.

Step Four: Continue to apply the product until the cotton has been thoroughly cleaned.

What is the difference between Sensibio, Sebium, and Hydrabio micellar Bioderma?

Sensibio H2O micellar solution is designed for sensitive skin. It contains a soothing Cucumis Sativus extract. Sensibio is a hypoallergenic, non-rinse formula that is ideal for patients who have intolerances to allergic skin.

SebiumH2O is a solution for oily skin that has blemishes. Fluidactiv limits the thickening and prevents the formation of acne. The formula also contains copper sulfate and zinc gluconate, as well as antimicrobial agents that will help purify your skin.

Aquagenium retrains skin for dry skin. The HydrabioH2O Micellar Water stimulates its natural hydrating capacity and retains the water it needs. The hydrating effect is enhanced by glycerine, while Cucumis Sativus Extract soothes sensitive skin.

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