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The 14 Best Makeup Primers For Acne-prone Skin

Acne-prone acne can be temperamental. Makeup can be helpful if you are conscious of your pores, redness and breakouts. But you shouldn’t feel like you need to hide your skin.

You may have oily skin if you suffer from acne. This can make your makeup look shiny and cause visible pores. Primer can help, but not all primers work the same. Primer is available for all skin types, even acne-prone skin. It can help heal your skin while extending the life of makeup.

Are you ready to discover your new makeup hero now? Scroll down to see the best primers for acne prone skin.

1. By Beauty Bay The First Prime Oil Control Priming Mist

The By BEAUTY BAY The First Prime Oil-Control Priming Mist, infused with Vitamin B6, is a breathable primer spray that controls shine and supports your skin while keeping your makeup flawless. The lightweight formula creates a smooth and luminous finish. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. The product lasts up to 12 hours, giving you a fresher and longer-lasting look without drying your skin.

2. By Beauty Blur Matte Priming Stick

By BEAUTY Bay Matte Blur Primer Stick is the ideal multi-tasker. It’s perfect for oily or combination skin. The lightweight stick blurs imperfections while mattifying shine. It’s suitable for all skin types, blendable, and contains bamboo stem powder as well as light diffusing microspheres that help to camouflage pores and fine wrinkles. This is perfect for touch-ups and can be used with or without makeup.

3. Skindinavia Makeup Primer Oil Control Spray

The Skindinavia Makeup Primer Oil Control Spray eliminates shine and prevents breakouts. This silicone-free primer is designed for oily skin. This lightweight mist clears pores and de-clogs them. This gentle primer balances your complexion and nourishes the skin for long-lasting, flawless makeup.

4. Mac Cosmetics Fix Mattifine Shine-control Primer 12hr

MAC Cosmetics Studio fix Mattifine 12hr shine-control primer is the perfect companion for your foundation. It will make your makeup last much longer. This is for oily skin prone to shine and acne. This gel-to powder formula is designed to reduce the appearance pores, control oil and improve skin texture. It also prepares the perfect foundation for makeup. This product can last up to 12hrs and is packed with skin-loving components such as PHA and algae extract.

5. Jouer Cosmetics Anti Bleemish Matte Primer Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment

The Jouer Cosmetics Anti-Blemish Primer Salicylic Acid Acne treatment is an oil-free primer that contains blemish-busting salicylic acids. It’s designed to calm and treat skin that is prone to acne breakouts. The matte finish minimizes pores and reduces irritation while reducing redness. The product is also fragrance-free, so it’s perfect for skin that’s sensitive.

6. Too Faced Poreless+ Pore Banning & Blurring Primer

Are you looking for a hybrid skincare/makeup product that will help to hydrate and treat acne? This Too Faced Primed and Poreless+ Pore Bashing & Blurring face primer has an advanced formula infused with hyaluronic, a mild form of retinol and vitamin C to nourish, renew, and prime the skin. It reduces shine, blurs imperfections, smoothes texture and hides visible pores, creating a fresh base for your makeup.

7. Nudestix Blot And Blur Matt Stick

The NUDESTIX Blur & Blot Matte Stick is a lightweight balm to powder stick that reduces pores and mattifies the skin. It’s formulated with skin-clarifying, oil-absorbing powdered ingredients. This is the ideal match for acne-prone and oily skin.

8. Lh Cosmetics Matte Attack Primer

LH Cosmetics’ Matte Attack Primer is the perfect primer to use if you want to stop shine from occurring. It is a lightweight mousse that hydrates your skin without making you oily. After all, acne-prone and dry skin need hydration in order to heal. The formula contains rice germ and horse chestnut oils to keep your skin matte throughout the day.

9. Ofra Cool Is A Cucumber Primer

Ofra Cool As A Cucumber primer is perfect for acne-prone skin that’s inflamed, thirsty and inflamed. Its velvety texture, mattifying finish and smoothing over pores locks in moisture and cools and hydrates the skin. The primer also contains a light tint of green that can reduce the appearance inflammation.

10. The Beauty Croop Melon Dewy Jelly Primer

The Melon Jelly Dewy Primer proves that we have never found a primer that we didn’t like. This primer, despite the dewy name, is great for acne-prone skin and oily complexions. It contains powerful antioxidants which treat while priming. Its gel formula won’t leave you greasy or clog your pores.

11. Makeup Renew Superbase Colour Correcting Primer

Makeup Revolution Superbase Colour Correcting Primer can help you neutralise and reduce redness on acne-prone skin. It has cica, which brightens the skin and strengthens your skin’s barrier. A skin barrier imbalance is thought to contribute to acne. When you first apply the product, it might seem a bit red. But add it to your makeup to see it disappear.

12. E.l.f. Cosmetics Blemish Reduction Face Primer

With the e.l.f. Cosmetics Blemish Control Face Primer, you can say goodbye to blemishes and prep your skin. Cosmetics Blemish Control Face Primer. Tea tree oil, vitamin E, and salicylic acids are used to nourish skin while fighting acne. This primer is hydrating and matte, which helps fight shine on oily or acne-prone skin without drying it out.

13. E.l.f. Cosmetics Blemish Firing Putty Primer

The e.l.f Cosmetics primer that is most famous for fighting blemishes has received an upgrade. The e.l.f. primer contains salicylic acid, which helps to prevent breakouts, reduces redness and inflammation, as well as zinc, which controls oil and imperfections. Cosmetics Blemish-Fighting Putty Primer helps to smooth out imperfections, improves the grip of your makeup and provides a bare-faced look. This primer is perfect for oily, combination and acne-prone skin.

14. The Ordinary High-adhesion Silicone Primer

This silicone primer will keep your makeup in place. This primer contains silicones to help smooth and prime skin with large pores, texture that is acne prone. This primer creates a base that is sticky for makeup with high adhesion. Your makeup will not move until you remove it. Double cleanse your skin to remove any silicones that may remain.


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