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Styles of eyeliner

Styles of eyeliner

In a matter of seconds, your makeup will look amazing with eyeliner!

This magic product will elevate your makeup skills, whether professional or a beginner. Imagine Ariana Grande’s amazing eyeliner makeup look. You can be creative with your eyeliner, from using smudged black to bolder colors. Insta has so many MUAs that offer crazy eyeliner ideas. But if you are looking for the best eyeliner styles, then we can help. While trends may change, some styles will remain the same.

These must-have styles will help you maximize the potential of your eyeliner. Continue scrolling to discover the 7 most popular eyeliner styles that every beauty lover should have in their lives.

Dreamy Floating Crease Look

The floating crease eyeliner has been a hot trend in recent years, for a good reason. It’s unique, eye-catching, and extremely fashionable. Begin at the center of the eye, and work your way towards the ends just above your crease. A black liner or one with a vibrant, vivid color can be used. This style is best achieved with a good liquid liner. You can also choose a bright color to make people smile.

The Oh-so Natural Style

This is a perfect style if you want to be your best self! It’s raw, messy and awesome. Begin small and work your way up to your eyelashes. This can be a look that you can use almost every day. You can make it look amazing with a pencil liner. You can apply a bit of eye kajal to enhance the natural look.

The Classic Winged Liner

This eyeliner makeup look is timeless, and everyone will love it. You can also find numerous hacks online to achieve the perfect wings. This look can be achieved using a liquid formula.

The Quirky Reverse Winged Eyeliner

You can also use the traditional wing or the more unusual reverse winged liner. When doing this, keep your eyes on your lower eye. You are now ready to go. This is where the right formula plays an important role, so make sure you choose a good one. This look is great for cocktail parties or girls’ nights out. This look will make heads turn.

Trendy Everyday Tightline

This style is a great way to get some everyday liner inspiration. This technique involves applying eyeliner to the upper part of the eye. It will give your eyes a more full, rounded look. This daily look can be achieved with a waterproof eyeliner.

Mermaid Style Fishtail

This stunning style is both incredibly mythological and modern. Draw a thin wing, and then draw a mirroring line down your lower lash. This style is great for parties, or for wearing on a date. This style can be achieved with a gel or liquid liner.

A Party hit – Smokey Eye

You might be averse to a smokey look, so you may want to reconsider your makeup. This hot, smudgy look will take you far. To make your eyes appear bigger, add a touch of eye kajal. Because the attention is focused on the eyes, it’s easy to forget about the rest of your makeup once you have mastered this stunning look. It can be worn for a wedding, or even a party. This is the most special-day eye makeup look you’ll ever see!

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