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Skin peeling on fingers

Skin peeling on fingers

The skin on the fingertips can crack or peel, which can be both bothersome and uncomfortable. It is common for skin to peel at the fingertips. Most cases of skin peeling occur on the feet, hands, or lips.

Although skin peeling is not usually a concern, it can be associated with other medical conditions.

Other skin conditions such as dryness, itchiness, and skin peeling can cause the fingertips to peel.

Common causes of skin irritation and when it may be necessary to consult a doctor.

Skin peeling at the fingertips

The environment or underlying conditions can cause skin peeling at the fingertips.

External causes of skin peeling are more common than internal. The weather or finger-sucking from children can cause this.

1. Regular hand-washing

Dry skin is common and can cause the skin to peel or crack. Regular hand washing with soap can lead to dry skin.

Hand washing is essential to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. However, soap can strip the skin’s protective oils. The skin loses its natural oils, leading to dry skin and soap dermatitis.

Skin peeling from the fingertips can be caused by frequent hand washing. It is best to only wash your hands when absolutely necessary and moisturize afterwards. Avoid using paper towels or rough paper towels.

2. Climate

Dry weather can cause skin to crack or peel. This is especially true if the weather is dry and someone doesn’t wear gloves outdoors.

3. Sunburn

Sunburn can cause skin damage via ultraviolet (UV), rays. Before it begins to peel or flake, the skin can turn red, tender, warm, sore and tender.

Most sunburns heal within one week. However, some sunburns can increase the risk of developing skin carcinoma.

Sunburn victims should avoid the sun, and instead use sunblock lotions like aloe vera to moisturize their skin while it heals.

4. Finger-sucking

Although thumb or finger sucking is quite common in children, it can cause painful sores and skin peeling. Although most children will eventually get rid of the habit, it is possible for some children to need encouragement and supervision.

Adults may also bite or chew their fingers, similar to nail-biting.

5. Chemicals

The United States has around 13,000,000 people. Their jobs could expose them to dangerous chemicals. This includes construction and agriculture.

Many cleaning products, soaps and solvents contain chemicals that can dry out the skin or cause irritation.

Wear protective clothing and regularly moisturize your hands if you are regularly exposed to chemicals.

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