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Prevent Aging and Wrinkles: Easy Home Remedies

I have heard the quote, “Whatever happens, happens for good,” like a zillion times, but something that we wish does not happen to us is getting old. Oh, how great would it be if we were immortal or time stopped for everyone after a certain age! That’s quite impossible, so why not delay the aging process?

Wrinkles and saggy facial skin are the most significant signs of aging. I keep hearing people crying over their wrinkly faces and crow’s feet near their eyes; people getting expensive and painful treatments to get their facial muscles to tighten to look younger their age. But we need to know that delaying the aging process can be easy and feasible; there is no need to burn a hole in your wallet to look pretty and dashing for an upcoming event! Yes, read on for easy hacks to reduce the signs of aging and look like your younger self! But first, let’s quickly look at what speeds up the aging process and try to avoid it as much as possible!

Causes of Aging and Wrinkles

Lookout out for the following causes of aging to avoid those wrinkles and crow’s feet and make others envy your beautiful younger-looking face!

Facial Expressions

Recall an incident when you had your close ones a big surprise and how they reacted. I can bet that the look on their face would be worth a million dollars! Facial expressions help us express ourselves better and also help us in judging as to what one might be thinking. But, we do not know that while we speak, our muscles contract, and repetitive expressions for years contract the muscles, making the lines very noticeable and gradually quite prominent. With age, the skin loses its ability to spring back. Hence the lines become prominent. So, next time, try not squinting or frowning unnecessarily.

Smoking and Drinking

For some of us, smoking and drinking is an occasional affair, but for some, it’s a regular habit, which without any doubt is not suitable for our health. Smoking and drinking also affect the skin too drastically. While smoking changes the blood supply pattern, leading to dull and wrinkly skin; drinking dehydrates the body and damages it, which makes us look older. Let’s not drink that extra pint next now, shall we?


Using expensive cosmetics is something that all of us have done, be it men or women. Sometimes, we do not care about the effects some cosmetics might have on our skin; we apply loads of it to look good, even if it does not suit our skin. Yes, cosmetics that end up leaving your skin burnt or full of rashes should not be used; it damages the skin, making you look older. Try choosing your cosmetics carefully next time.

Healthy diet

Eating healthy is something that all of us wish to imply in our lives, but somehow those yummy fries or chicken wings stop us. After looking at my belly, I have always regretted my hogging talents, and I try to cut down as much as I can. Let me give you and myself another reason other than a fat belly for cutting down on high-carb foods. Food containing lots of carbohydrates and sugar damage the skin making it look older rather than leading to premature aging. Eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables tends to prevent that damage and delay the arrival of saggy skin and wrinkles.


It has been observed that people who work out tend to look younger. No need to hit the gym; spend some time every day and do some walking or yoga, as it improves blood circulation and the immune system, leading to younger-looking skin! Another reason to wake up early tomorrow morning!


Cleaning your face is a must. One must wash their face thrice a day, especially after heavy sweating. It helps to remove all the dirt that might penetrate under the skin and cause damage. Wash your face gently and avoid scrubbing daily, as it might be a little harsh on our soft skin.

Get rid easily!

After hearing about wrinkles, the first thought that used to pop into my mind was expensive treatments and loads of readily available anti-aging creams and night creams. But, after doing some research, I realized that spending money on treatments would be a waste, as most ways to reduce wrinkles and delay aging are available in our kitchen! Yes, you read that right! Scroll down for readily available items to help you look younger your age!

Olive oil

Yes, this oil not only helps you cook yummy Italian food, but it also helps you look younger. It is one of the best massage oils and contains many antioxidants and vitamins. What happens when you massage your face with olive oil? The oil goes deep under the skin and acts as a layer of protection. It also keeps the skin moisturized for a long! All you need to do is dab a little olive oil on your palm and massage your face regularly; it will repair the damage caused by pollution and dirt and help regenerate cells.

Almond oil

Almond oil is another oil that works well for delaying the aging process. Gently massage your face with a little bit of almond oil regularly. It helps provide the required nutrients for the skin and adds glow to the front. You can also mix olive and almond oils to massage your face.

Egg whites

Applying an egg-white mask is a very effective way to bid farewell wrinkles and fine lines. Egg white helps open up the pores, releasing all the nutrients into the skin, which repairs the damaged tissues and hydrates the skin. All you need is one egg white mixed with olive or almond oil.


Lemon juice is widely used for making facials at home because of its citrus and cleansing nutrients. Lemon juice contains a cleansing agent which repairs the damaged tissue and reduces wrinkles and fine lines when applied to the skin. Mix with a little yogurt or use lemon juice on your face; both do wonders for aging skin.

Fruit Facial

Applying homemade fruit facials at regular intervals will effectively eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles. Read our other article, ten easy fruit facials, to get a variety of facials for all types of skin. Fruits like oranges, bananas, and pomegranates contain nutrients that help in repairing the tissues and also in the regeneration of cells. You can also drink mixed fruit juices regularly to get an ever faster result!


Carrots not only help in improving eye-sight, but it also helps in making you look younger. This orange-colored fruit contains a lot of Vitamin A, which helps keep the skin smooth and moisturized. Boil 1-2 large carrots and blend them into a smooth paste; add some honey and remix it. Apply this paste every morning, let it stay for at least 20 minutes, and rinse off well. Remember to add carrots to your diet!

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