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Opi nail polish

You may be like us and have missed the occasional (or regular) visit to the nail salon due to the lockdown. If so, you likely ordered some nail varnishes for yourself to apply at home.

OPI is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year.

The brand rolled out a red carpet to celebrate the occasion. Its new “Hollywood Collection” features 12 colors, including reds, pinks, blues, and lemons.

Three formulas are available in the new line of polishes: “Infinite Shine,” “Nail Lacquer,” or “Gel Colour.”

The brand is known for its rich formulas, chip-resistant colors, and long-lasting, super-smooth, and durable wear. But its history is also fascinating.

Suzi Weiss Fischer, the founder of OPI, was born in Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. Her mother, Magda, was a survivor of Auschwitz, and her father, Laszlo, worked in a Russian forced-labor camp.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann honed her sense of color and style while working in the New York City garment industry.

In 1981, she moved to LA and founded OPI (Ondontorium Products Inc.) with her brother-in-law George Schaeffer. The company initially manufactured dental supplies and products. Still, after noticing that Hollywood nail technicians bought dental acrylics to create extensions, the owners realized they could produce a superior acrylic called OPI. The brand OPI was born.

OPI has collaborated with celebrities such as Serena Williams and Katy Perry. In 2002, it debuted its screen with product placement in Legally Blonde.

We’ve collected the brand’s best-selling shades to celebrate its 40th Anniversary. You can also find all the information you need about OPI’s Hollywood collection so that you can treat your nails with the TLC they deserve.

Our independent reviews are always unbiased. Although we may receive commissions from specific retailers, this does not influence our selections. They are based on real-world testing, expert advice, and real-world testing.

OPI ‘bubble bath’ nail lacquer

This is the perfect color for those who want a natural and easy-to-wear shade.

This neutral pink shade, called “bubble bath,” reminds you of the lighter shades used with a French mani.

We can see why this color is on the list. It’s versatile, goes with everything, and looks chic.

OPI “I’m Not a Waitress” Nail Lacquer

Weiss Fischer says, “I am not a waitress in LA. I am an actress. I am a model, singer, or artist.”

We know that this shade is popular among actors. From Little Fires Everywhere, Kerry Washington told The Allure Magazine that she had worn it since the Nineties.

This shade is a nod to the famous shade “I’m an Actress” and a name that will become a classic.


We’d describe this as a classic red. This vibrant shade with a subtle sheen will add a pop to any outfit. Pair this with a black outfit to let the color stand out.

Then, apply two coats in the color of your choice, and if you still have time, add a topcoat.

OPI ‘gelato On My Mind’ Nail Lacquer

The most popular shades are reds and pinky-nudes, but there are also some other unusual colors. This is the brand’s interpretation of the pale, dreamy shades of Italian Ice Cream.

OPI describes this shade as “deliciously cool and sweet pastel blue.” It is the perfect color for spring. Pair it with a floral tee or jeans and a white tee for uplifting vibes.

OPI ‘don’t bossa nova me around’ nail lacquer

This is our favorite color in terms of name. It’s a subtle, warm and beautiful cream nude.

The collection is based on the Brazil Spring/summer 2014 collection, which takes inspiration from tropical forests and sandy beaches.

It is a lovely, understated color you can wear with any outfit.

OPI Strawberry Margarita Nail Lacquer

As the name implies, this bright pink is part of OPI’s “classics collection.”

The most popular colors are kept. This OPI nail lacquer has a “pro-wide brush” to ensure an even application and prevent streaks.

This is a good option for those who want a bright color but don’t wish to go too red.

OPI ‘exotic birds do not tweet’ nail lacquer

It doesn’t get more vibrant than that. The Fiji Spring/Summer 2017 Collection by OPI includes “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet.” This is the color to wear to make your hands stand out.

This is a vibrant yellow that was inspired by the flora & fauna of Fiji.

OPI ‘Lincoln Park after dark’ nail lacquer

Lincoln Park After Dark is another shade in the “classics range.” It’s a deep aubergine color, almost black.

One reviewer noted on the OPI site that it’s not black: “It is a vibrant plum-purple with a subtle shimmer,” visible under lights.

OPI – Alpine Snow Nail Lacquer

If you want to do a French mani, choose this color. The ultra-white will give you healthy-looking nails.

Use it with the brand’s pale-pink shades, or go for a more yellow tone for something different.

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