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Oil based cleanser

Once upon a moment, oil was considered a bad word in the skincare world. It’s not the intention to add more oil but rather to remove the existing grease. Oil became the latest as we began to learn, and the skincare industry took cues from other countries ( Hello, Korea).

Oil and water repel each other, but oil and oil attract. (Sorry for the flashbacks of high school chemistry). Oils are hydrating and can cleanse your face without stripping it. They’re great for sensitive or dry skin types. But they also work on any skin type, including acne prone.

We spent hours researching the best cleansing oil on the market. We read hundreds of reviews from customers and considered the many options available. Each was evaluated on its active ingredients, the ability to remove makeup, and overall cleansing without stripping skin. We chose these products after consulting with a skin care specialist and looking at multiple formulas.

Best Overall

Our best cleansing oil comes from one of the most trusted beauty brands in the world. Shiseido’s lightweight cleanser removes waterproof makeup without drying the skin or making it feel tight. Grapeseed oils are its superhero ingredient. It’s a natural oil rich in antioxidants, known for being hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial. 4

The reviews loved how their skin felt after use and that the product removed all their makeup without harsh scrubbing. It was a significant first step in their double-cleansing routine. Although we dislike the fragrance, many customers have noted that it is pleasant and subtle.

Best Budget

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil

It also contains cocoa butter, along with sesame oil, and a data-component=”link” data-ordinal=”1″ data-source=”inlineLink” href=””>rosehip oil/a>, which is regarded as promoting healthy skin cells. This oil cleanser also contains cocoa butter along with sesame and rosehip oils. These oils are famous for promoting healthy cells on the skin. 5 The addition of skin-brightening Vitamin C is a bonus.

Best for Dry Skin

TATCHA Pure Camellia Oil Cleanser One Step

This is a perfect ingredient for skincare, and it’s super hydrating, even on the most dehydrated skin. It’s a favorite among Sephora customers who love the ease of removing makeup.

Best Antioxidant-Rich Formula

One Love Organics Botanical B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

This is a team Byrdie favorite. Its simple ingredient list, which includes plant-based goodness, earns it big points. This oil, which combines papaya, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds oils, is hydrating and rich in antioxidants. The more antioxidants you can include in your skincare regimen, the better.

Best Multitasking

Kaike Melt Oil Cleanser

Kaike’s super-cleaning cleansing oil is a multi-tasker. This oil is packed full of good oils for your skin, like grapeseed and watermelon seeds, but it also helps keep the complexion bright and healthy. This formula is packed with antioxidants to address skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation or uneven tone. Ayurvedic Treatments for Best Ayurvedic

Sahajan Essential Oil Cleanser

This blend of essential oils dissolves makeup and pollutants, leaving nothing but glowing skin behind. Even oil-cleansing novices will be converted by the ability of rose oil, moringa oil, and squalene to dissolve waterproof makeup. You only need to cleanse, rinse and glow.

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