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Minimalist Wardrobe Guide: How To Create A Practical & Original College Outfit

College is an exciting time in our lives. It’s a time when we can discover who we are and how to define ourselves. One of the things you will explore is your style and preferences in clothing. However, few college students can afford to buy expensive clothing or couture. It’s not necessary to look great. The minimalist style proves that it is possible to wear cheap clothes and still look amazing.


Minimalist means dressing only what you need and discarding accessories that don’t match your outfit. To get started on your quest for a minimalist wardrobe, clean out your closet. Get rid of all clothes you don’t need and toss the rest. Next, determine which pieces flatter your body. Make sure they are versatile and can be worn with multiple outfits.

You will need at least two pieces to complete your wardrobe after the cleanse. How do you know where to shop? The internet can solve any problem that a student may have. You can also get a free essay writer to assist you. You will find all the samples and essays you need here. Online stores can also be found and sales information is available.

While we’ve already discussed how to have a minimalist college wardrobe, what are the actual reasons for this? A minimalist style is easier on our budgets. You won’t have to buy as many items every day. You will also spend less time dressing up or shopping and your closet will look cleaner. For those looking for their style, minimalism is the best way to get started creating your unique look.


You don’t have to have a large wardrobe to create great outfits. It is important to know how to combine and mix the right pieces of clothing. College students often have difficulty shopping for clothes, due to their limited budget. If the pieces you purchase are versatile, you’ll be covered.

  • T-shirts in white and black
  • Uni-color sweater
  • Jeans (blue/and/and black)
  • Pair of shorts
  • Plain crop top
  • Blazer/or jacket
  • Gypsy skirt
  • Plain skirts, short or long

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as searching for services for essays online to find the right shops. While there are many options, choosing the right shop will depend on several factors, such as how close you live and their pricing. It is a good idea to start looking at flea markets, garage sales, and second-hand shops for vintage treasures that can be found at very affordable prices.


Now that you have the clothes, how do you put them together? It’s up to you. Here are some outfits you can put together with basic clothes. Even if you are using “basic” clothes, you can still make it unique by styling your hair or adding accessories.

  • An outfit that looks full-dressed and comfortable is a white or black long skirt with a sweater in unicolor and sneakers. The accessories you choose will make a big difference.
  • A white T-shirt with a pair black jeans is the best option for a day to day basis. You can add a jacket, blazer or boots to your outfit if it is cold outside. High heels will make this look more vintage.
  • Cropped tops with gypsy skirts and strappy sandals are great for a special day out or elegant brunch.
  • A “little black” dress is a timeless classic. It’s a great choice for a date night if you pair it with heels and a blazer. For lunch, low shoes and minimal accessories are the best. A little black dress is a must-have for every college wardrobe.
  • You can go to classes, run errands, or have a good time with friends. A black short and a plain, untucked T-shirt are perfect for these occasions.

It’s not easy to find your style. However, a minimalist college wardrobe is a good place to start.

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