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Makeup for Beginners – Skin Preparation

Professional makeup artists believe that preparing your skin is the most crucial part of applying makeup. For people at home, the process of exfoliating and toning can be a separate one that is sometimes skipped.

It is not a good idea to apply a lot of makeup on unprepared skin. This can lead to uneven application, and it will also exacerbate the dryness and dullness of your skin. Wearing minimal makeup over skin that is cleansed, hydrated, and balanced can help you look more youthful and healthy.

Find the right skin care method for you. You won’t need to touch up all day, and your makeup will not look sloppy or shiny. These are the essential steps to a great skincare prep:


To achieve flawless makeup, it is important to cleanse the skin. You can use a micellar cleanser, which is water-based and capable of removing waterproof makeup. Micellar waters like Bioderma Sensibio are popular among makeup artists. They work for all skin types and make it easy to apply makeup after using them. Cleanse your skin at night, removing any makeup and environmental pollutants. Then, cleanse again the next morning before applying makeup.


Exfoliation with a gentle scrub is a great way to remove old skin cells and promote circulation, resulting in a healthy and glowing new layer of skin. Exfoliators can be used to remove chapped lips and skin cells that are dulling the appearance of your skin. When exfoliating, remember that a gentler product is better than something too harsh or sharp. Imagine the bristles on a toothbrush. Soft hair will be just as effective. The same principle applies to exfoliation. The skin can be damaged by something too granular or sharp.


Many people ignore the step of toning their skin. It is important to tone the skin, just as you would rinse your dishes after scrubbing them. It restores the pH of the skin to a level that prevents bacteria from growing and prepares it for moisturizer. To refresh the makeup, I use a toner spray before and after cleansing. I use it all day long to make the makeup look fresh and to restore the client.


Every makeup kit should include a gentle moisturizer. It is important to choose the right moisturizer for your particular skin type. Charlotte Tilbury is one of those artists who are so concerned with having the perfect moisturizer in their kit that they even create their formulas. Moisturizers soften dry skin, protect sensitive skin, and are essential for protecting it. They can help to retain moisture, which gives the skin a youthful appearance. Also, they are a great primer to use on the face and neck prior to applying foundation.

Beauty oils

Beauty oils and serums can be powerful concoctions that help to perfect the skin. These products are often packed with active ingredients that can brighten the skin and transform its texture. You don’t need to powder or touch up all day if you use these products. Use a dry facial oil that quickly absorbs into your skin. This will prevent shine.

The skin will look more beautiful if you choose the right skincare and apply it correctly. It’s important to consider your skin type and choose products that work best for you. Do not just buy the latest item you heard about. Speak to someone who knows about different brands and products if you’re not sure what you need. You can find the right combination of products to give your skin what it needs.

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