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Make Your Face Packs for Summer!

Enhance your natural skin beauty by nurturing it from the inside out. These super-fresh homemade face packs will give you a natural glow throughout the summer. These homemade face pack work wonders on all skin types. Take your pick between de-tanners, cooling agents, anti-aging, and more to give your skin a radiant glow this summer.

  1. Try these five homemade face packs to hydrate your skin in the summer. Detan: Wanted to avoid harsh chemicals that cause skin damage when bleaching? Try this instead of bleaching your skin to remove the summer tan. Blend some curd with gram flour until it becomes a smooth paste. Add half a lemon (citrus fruits are bleaching by nature). Use cold water to rinse, and pat the area dry using a soft cotton towel. Use the Fem Fairness Turmeric Herbal Cleanser if this is too much effort.
  2. Papaya glow:
  3. Add some oatmeal and mash papaya. Mix the ingredients well to create a natural scrub. If you add an egg white to the mixture, it will tighten your skin. After 15 minutes, rinse well and pat the skin dry. This homemade face mask will give you younger, fresher skin instantly.
  4. Cucumber freshness: Peel the cucumber and add 4-5 almonds. Then blend it. Pour in some cold milk. Hello, super-soft skin!
  5. Potato Power: Chop up a raw potato, and blend it into a paste using a blender. Add orange juice/peel into the mixture. Add a teaspoon of fresh cream to your medicine for dry skin. This mix can help reduce the first signs of aging in your skin if it has started to sag.
  6. Go Red:
  7. Mix honey with a tomato or an apple paste. This pack will help reduce excessive oil in the T-zone. Enjoy fresh and soft skin without the tan.


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