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Liquid eye liner

How to apply liquid liners successfully

Follow the Vogue contributing editor Pat McGrath’s lead and draw the wing first. You can easily place the wing too high or low once you have drawn a line down your lashes. This is especially true considering the natural curve of your eye that slopes downwards towards the outer corner. Instead, you can look straight ahead in the mirror and place a dot where the line should end. Then, draw your flick, then along your lashes.

How can I pick the right eyeliner?

Consider what effect you are looking for in your eyeliner. While liquids can give you a distinct look and make it appear like Audrey Hepburn, gel and kohl liner tend to be more flexible and can be blended or buffed in for an even more diffused effect. Although it may sound obvious, those who only want to use a product for their waterline should choose a pencil or gel formula. A liquid will not stay put.

Which is the best beginner eyeliner?

Your knowledge of the product will determine which eyeliner is right for you. A liquid liner can seem daunting to beginners or those who need to become more familiar with it. It requires a steady hand. Using a pencil or gel kohl is best if you need to become more familiar with liquid liner. You don’t have to be a professional; a beginner can do it. Liquid eyeliner can smell your fear. McGrath recommends that you finish your liner with a cotton bud. Even the best of them can make mistakes sometimes.

Is gel liner better than pencil?

It doesn’t have to be. It all depends on what effect you are looking for. Gel liners bridge the gap between liquid and pencil liners. They have the same impact and precision as liquid liners but are more malleable and soft than pencil liners. These liners are great for people who prefer a quiet, smudgy look to their eyeshadows. Makeup artists can also use them as a base for shadows. Gel liner can be used if your liner doesn’t stay on once it has been set. Pencil adds depth to the waterline and can provide a more precise effect.

You can find the perfect fit in Vogue‘s edit. Feel free to practice with felt tips or long-lasting gel liners. Below are 17 of our favorite liquid eyeliners.

Best white eyeliner: Shiseido Kajal inkArtist Shadows, Liner, Brow, Kabuki White

This Shiseido eyeshadow can be used as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. White eyeliner can make your eyes appear more awakened. Use it in your waterline to create a more relaxed look.

Maybelline Express Eyeliner is the Best Supermarket Liquid Liner

This liquid liner is quick to dry yet still bright in color. It combines the rich pigments of an inkwell with the ease and convenience of a felt tip. It’s purse-friendly, too.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner is the best waterproof eyeliner.

This pen is a true classic and will be found in every makeup artist’s toolbox. This tip glides effortlessly across your lash line without tugging or pulling, giving you a neat flick.

Dior Diorshow on Stage Liners: Best Eyeliner Colors

Dior’s colored eyeliners range from pink to green. Peter Philips, the brand’s makeup artist, uses them backstage to create iconic looks for his shows. The flexible felt tip makes it super simple to use.

Best Eyeliner For Sensitive Eyes: La Bouche Rouge Le Kohl Noir

This product is safe for sensitive eyes because it has no microplastics and 98 percent natural ingredients. It has a striking color can be seen around and below the eyes.

Best Eyeliner Felt Tip: Pat McGrath Labs Perma Precision Liner

This liner is a favorite of Jessica Diner, Vogue beauty director and lifestyle director. It’s rich in pigment but easy to use. This is the perfect product for a more defined wing.

Gucci Stylo Conour Des Yeux Eyeliner is the best smudge-proof eyeliner

Gucci’s waterproof eyeliner looks excellent in your makeup bag and is pigmented, lasting for hours. It can be used for flicks, on the waterline, or buffed in as eyeshadow. There are many different colors to choose from.

Estee Lauder LittleBlack Eyeliner is the best dual-ended eyeliner.

Two tips, not one! Estee Lauder liquid eyeliner transforms a simple day look into a glamorous evening look in one stroke.

Byredo Eyeliner in Practical Brown: Best Brown Liquid Liner

Although it might not be well-known, Byredo’s liquid liner is a favorite of all who have tried it. This brown shade is very flattering. It gives the eyes a subtle shimmer for a soft, sultry effect. It’s also vegan.

Best Eyeliner For Cat Eyes: Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen

You get two liners for the price if you buy one. The dual-ended pen comes with a thicker and finer end. This allows for more artistic results, while the finer side helps you to get the line in place. Genius.

Best Eyeliner for Waterline:

Charlotte Tilbury is the queen of serious, sultry looks. This eyeliner creates that look in seconds. This eyeliner is great for all areas of the eyes, but it’s perfect for the waterline. It will stay on for hours.

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