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Keep cool in summer and beat the heat.

It’s time to get prepared to stay calm as summer temperatures rise. The summer brings new skin problems – oily, uneven skin, breakouts, and sunburns. Follow these tips to keep your complexion healthy and happy during the summer. Skin care tips Stay fresh throughout the summer!

  1. Avoid Heat
    • Reduce your consumption of red meat or follow a vegetarian lifestyle.
    • Avoid spicy and hot food.
    • Avoid junk food and fried foods.
    • Avoid alcohol
    • Nuts can raise your body temperature quickly.
  1. Home Remedies
    • Avoid heat strokes by drinking water and staying hydrated.
    • Shower cold to reduce heat and freshen your skin.
    • Drink a glass of fresh juice pomegranate with a few drops of almond oil every morning.
    • Soak your toes in cool water. This will reduce the heat in your body.
    • Add one tablespoon of honey to cold milk every day.
    • Make a fine paste by mixing Dabur Gulabari rose water with sandalwood. This paste can be applied to your forehead and facial area. This skin care tip reduces excessive body heat and instantly cools your skin.
    • Citrus fruits and vegetables like oranges and sweet lemons, which contain vitamin C, are excellent foods to reduce body temperature.
  1. Eat Right
  2. Eating foods such as:
    • Cardamom- This is the best way to reduce body temperature. Add it to your tea, or use it as a flavoring in sweets or savory dishes.
    • Peaches – Try peaches when summer outbursts such as rashes or sores make you uncomfortable. Peaches contain vitamins A, B2, and potassium, vital for healthy skin and body.
    • Apricot Juice – Mix apricots with honey in a glass to reduce body heat and quench thirst.
    • Buttermilk – Infuse your body with the probiotics it needs by drinking a lot of buttermilk. This will hydrate you and replenish any minerals or vitamins that may have been lost due to excessive sweating.
    • Watermelon contains 95% of water, making it one of the best fruits for reducing body heat. Munch away!
    • Coconut water – Rehydrate and regulate your body temperature with coconut water. It helps to balance out electrolytes naturally.
    • Cucumbers, bananas, sugarcane juice, barley, citrus fruits, and organic teas such as mint & green tea with fennel are also suitable for reducing body heat. Mint leaves for the skin Help in lightening and tightening skin cells.


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