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How to Get Soft and Smooth Hands & Feet in Winter?

Winter is all about relaxing and looking good in front of the bonfire. You’re probably all picturing last year’s bonfire with your friends and family! Winter is a combination of feelings. We feel refreshed and delighted and can dress up like a handsome man or woman, but we also feel like couch potatoes and cuddle in blankets with a cup of hot coffee.

Each of us has our reasons for loving or hating this season. We all have our reasons to love or hate this season. To counter this, we do all sorts of things to keep our hair and skin healthy and to make them resistant to harsh cold air. But is that it? What else are we missing? What is the effect of winter on our soft feet and hands? You’re probably remembering the rough feet and cracked heels you had in your youth!

Our hands and toes get dried out during the winter for many reasons, and it’s not just due to the cold. One of the main reasons our hands and feet dry out is the shampoo we use. The soap we use may be nonmoisturizing, so each wash removes moisture from our feet and hands. In the winter, excessive hot baths can cause dry feet and hands. Hands can also become rough for people who wash their hands frequently. People who use chemicals daily also experience rough, dry hands. Chemicals rob the hands of their moisture and softness, so they become rude. After the chemical work, we wash our hands with soap. This can also cause rough, dry hands.

Sometimes our hands or feet become so dry that they start bleeding. This situation should be addressed immediately, as it could cause infection and worsen your condition. Here are some easy ways to treat dry feet and hands.

Soft Hands this Winter with Home Remedies!

Imagine the impact on your impression if you shake your hands dryly and with roughness. Not good, huh? Try these home remedies to soften your hands instead of spending money on expensive cosmetics. They are easy and inexpensive!


Steaming can be beneficial for both your face and hands. Steaming will eliminate all dead cells and any dirt that may have accumulated. You must use a bowl of hot boiling water and cook your hands on both sides. Steaming will soften your hands because it removes dead skin cells. After steaming, apply petroleum jelly or lotion to seal in the moisture.

Petroleum Jelly

It is easy to treat rough, dry hands. In almost all households, there is a container of petroleum jelly. The jelly will make your hands softer and keep moisture long. When you wake up, your hands are always dry. The best way to have soft hands in the morning is with petroleum jelly! You can apply petroleum jelly to your hands and gently massage them for 5-10 minutes every night before bed. Please do not remove the petroleum jelly or wash your hand; allow it to absorb into your skin overnight. It will soften the skin and moisturize your hands throughout the day.

Egg Yolk

Why egg yolk on hands? In the same way, an egg can do wonders for our skin and hair and can also be used to get soft, moistened hands. The proteins found in egg yolks are enough to moisturize even the most dry hands. Apply the egg yolk to both hands and let it dry (approximately thirty minutes). After rinsing with mild soap, you will notice a difference in your hand and palm texture. You can apply the egg yolk to your hands if they are dry enough.

Sugar and Castor Oil/Olive Oil

Exfoliating your hands is just as important as exfoliating your face. You will need sugar (brown sugar is best) and castor oil. Do not pour too much castor oil; we don’t want the sugar to melt immediately. This mixture should be gently scrubbed on your hands until the sugar has dissolved. You can use warm water to wash your hands and then pat them dry with a soft towel or paper napkins. Castor oil can be substituted with olive oil.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another easy way to exfoliate hands. The baking soda will exfoliate your hands, removing all dead skin cells and dirt. It will also moisturize your hands. Mix baking soda and water in equal parts, then gently massage your hands until it dries. After massaging, rinse with warm water. Apply petroleum jelly or lotion.

Home remedies for soft feet!

Isn’t having cracked feet embarrassing when you go out? It is. Here are some easy and quick foot masks to help you eliminate cracked skin.

Banana Foot Mask

We all know that bananas are great for the face. It adds oil to dry skin and extracts more oil from oily skin. This is why bananas can be used to soften our feet.

You need to mash half a banana with a fork and add one to two spoons of honey. Mix well. Apply this paste to your feet. Remember, between your toes. Cover your feet using a plastic sheet, or cling film. Allow it to stay on for 15-20 minutes. Remove the plastic, and then rinse your feet in warm water. Pat dry your feet.

Cucumber Therapy

Cucumbers can be used to treat dry skin on the face and skin. Cucumber is refreshing and rich in moisturizing and nourishing components that help treat dry feet. This will remove the dead skin and make it soft.

This foot mask is made with one cucumber and honey. Peel the cucumber, then blend it in a blender. Blend until you reach a smooth consistency. Blend again. Add one tablespoon of honey. Apply this paste to your feet. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wrap it in plastic. Rinse your feet with warm water, and then pat them dry. After the first treatment, you can already feel a difference in skin texture.

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