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How to create perfect winged eyeliner?

The art of creating perfectly winged eyes is a difficult task that requires patience and skill. If you’re a beginner, the first steps to applying eyeliner, especially winged ones, are essential. Do not worry. You’re in good hands! It can be tricky to create an eyeliner wing, but the right wings can add drama to your eyes. These wings add a touch of sexy to your look and accentuate your facial features. Invest in the best eyeliner, cosmetics, and beauty products for a perfectly defined cat eye. You can achieve a sharp, precise look even with shaky fingers with the right hacks. Swipe to see the details!

How to Do Winged Eyeliner

Method 1: How to create winged eyeliner with an Angled Eyeliner brush?

This is a special one to help you with winged eyeliner. It doesn’t get easier than these steps. For a neater result, you can wet the brush a little.

Step By Step Tutorial

  • Place the angle brush on your outer eyelid, creating a slight angle with your temples.
  • Use the same brush to invert the line that you just drew. This will create the upper curve for your wing.
  • Use your eyeliner brush to fill the space between the lines, then extend the liner as usual.

Method 2: Free Hand Guide

  • It takes a steady hand to create the perfect winged eyeliner. But with some patience and practice, you can achieve it.

Step By Step Tutorial

    1. Draw an extended line with a pencil on the outer edge of your eyes, making an angle between your eyebrows. You can adjust the length to suit your preference.
    2. Place the pencil at the end of this line and draw a bar with a slight bend that flicks inward. Extend the line to the inner corner. If extending the line in one go is difficult, you can open it halfway and continue until the inner corner. If you have small eyes, make sure the line gets thinner gradually.
    3. Fill in the space between the upper line and the bottom of the wing until there is no visible skin.
    4. You can leave the finish as is if you prefer a softer look. If you would like your wings to look more bold and striking, use liquid eyeliner. Carefully trace the lines that you created using your pencil. If you plan to do this, you can also allow the edges of your pencil eyeliner to be slightly rough. The liquid eyeliner covers any uneven edges for a smooth, flawless finish.

Method 3: How to Do Winged Eyeliner with Tape

  1. Use scotch or cellophane to create the perfect wing.

Step By Step Tutorial

      1. Cut a piece of tape about 2 cm long and place it along the outside edge of your eye at the angle you want your wings.
      2. Use the outline of the video to guide you as you trace along the angled edge.
      3. Continue to extend the line up your upper lashline.

Method 4: Create perfect winged eyeliner with a spoon.

  1. Pick up a spoon in your kitchen to get the perfect winged eyeliner. The straight edge and curve of the spoon are excellent tools for creating a neat and precise wing.

Step By Step Tutorial

        1. Hold the handle at the outer corner.
        2. Follow the line on the handle to draw a straight line.
        3. Place the rounded end of the spoon on your eyelids.
        4. Create the curvy tip by using the rounded edge.
        5. Use eyeliner to fill the space between the two lines and extend it onto the upper lashline as you would normally.

Method 5: Create a perfect winged eyeliner with a business card.

  1. You probably have the solution to draw winged eyeliners in your purse quickly. You can make a winged eyeliner with a business card you no longer need.

Step By Step Tutorial

          • Draw a line on a business card that roughly matches the size of your eye and the direction you want your wings.
          • Cut out the pattern that you have drawn with a pair of scissors.
          • Use the cutout as a template for your wings.

Create Winged Eyeliner Using Swipe Cards

  • Use your credit or debit card instead of buying expensive tools and stencils to achieve neat wing eyeliners.

Step By Step Tutorial

            1. Hold the straight edge at the outer corner of your eye, making a slight angle with your temples.
            2. Create the wings by tracing along the straight edge of the eyeliner.
            3. Apply eyeliner along the upper lash line to the inner corners.


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