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How to Apply foundation in three easy steps

You don’t have to use foundation like a face mask just because you wear it. Here are the three best ways to apply liquid makeup based on your skin type.

Mix with moisturizer

Want a BB Cream in a hurry or on a budget? Mix a small amount of foundation (about the size of a pea) with your favorite cream on the backs of your hands to create a tinted moisturizing product that will even out discoloration and not weigh down the skin. It’s a great option for people who have less blemishes or dry skin. You can control the amount of coverage by mixing it yourself. This allows you to go lighter on your cheeks and heavier on problem areas. Try it.

Spot application

Camouflaging foundation may be beneficial for some people, but only in certain areas. You don’t have to conceal your entire face just because your nose has enlarged pores or you are prone to acne on your cheeks. You can apply heavier coverage to problem areas and lighter strokes elsewhere with a foundation that is matched properly. You can hide the areas you don’t want to be seen without covering up your beautiful skin. Powder can be used to cover makeup-heavy spots and blend them with bare skin. Concealer tip: A foundation that clots on the cap of the bottle can be used as a concealer.

Wear it all over.

It’s important to wear a full face of foundation for photo shoots and performances. A severe case of acne or redness can have us layering on the product in order to face the day, but up close, heavy foundation can look mask-like–especially in the daylight. If you are going to be on stage or taking important pictures, or you want to experiment with extreme makeup, try a full face of foundation. For surreal makeup and dragging makeup, a full foundation is necessary. The skin will become a canvas where color and lines can be applied. The powder will help to keep this look in place.

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