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How to Apply eyeshadow like a pro: A tutorial with pictures

When it comes to makeup, eyeshadows are a game changer. You need to know how to apply eyeshadow to define and lift your eyes. It is essential to trace the correct shape, use a crease color, and highlight the inner corner of the eye. This article includes a step-by-step illustrated guide to help you take your eyeshadow skills from amateur to professional. Scroll down to see the eye makeup step-by-step tutorial!

How to Apply Eyeshadow Tutorial with Pictures

The right eyeshadow can give your eyes a lot of depth and dimension. Blending colors is the key to a good eyeshadow application. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can experiment to create any look you want – whether it be smokey eyes or a cut crease. Scroll down to see a step-by-step guide for sharp eye makeup.

Step 1: Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Applying an eyeshadow primer on your lids will help you start with a clean and fresh base. If you want to make sure your eye makeup lasts all day, it is essential to prep your lids.

Pro tip: Apply a concealer if you still need an eyeshadow primer. Add some translucent powder, and you have your eye makeup primer.

Step 2: Apply a Nude Base

Apply a neutral eyeshadow using a fluffy blending brush. Complements your skin tone. Blend it thoroughly. Before applying the product to the eye, tap off some excess product. This will help you get the most out of your colors.

Step 3: Improve The Crease

Use a blending brush to apply a medium-brown eyeshadow to your crease. Add color to the lower lash line and blend it well, particularly towards the outer corners. Pro tip: Use a darker eyeshadow to contour your eyes in the crease.

Step 4: Add Color

Apply dark burgundy shadow, concentrating the color on the outer corners. To create a smokey look, gently extend the eyeshadow past your crease. The same color can be used on the lower lash line. The best way to blend the shadow and smoke out the color is with a fluffy brush.

Step 5: Create A Gradient

Use the same nude eyeshadow you used for the second step on your lids. Use the nude eyeshadow to soften the edges of the burgundy shadow.

Pro tip: Use a nude eyeshadow to create a blended, clean look.

Step 6: Define your lower lashline

Apply brown kohl along your waterline. To achieve the smokey look, smudge in the kohl.

Step 7: Enhance Your Eyelashes

Add a pair or two of false eyelashes for a glamorous look. To balance your top and bottom lashes, apply a thick coat of mascara to the lower lashes.

Bring out the other cosmetics and finish your makeup. Add some bronzer, lip color, and highlighter to the base.

Final Look

You can do it yourself! Stunning, right? This easy eyeshadow application method works for many different looks, including a bold and fun look, a glittery party look, or a muted everyday look. Only your eye shape and eyebrow height determine whether you apply light or dark shadows. The color of your eye and your skin tone is also important.

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