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What dermatologists are asked by patients about CA

The board-certified dermatologists have the most expertise in diagnosing and treating hair problems, including CA. Patients often ask these questions when they visit their dermatologist to discuss CA.

Why do I have bald spots in the middle of my scalp?

This hair loss usually begins as a small, round, balding patch in the middle of the scalp that gets bigger over time.

This type of hair fall is more common among Black women but can affect men and people from all races.

You should treat this type of hair fall as soon as possible. Early treatment can stop CA from spreading and causing permanent hair loss. Early treatment can also cause hair growth in some people.

This disease can destroy hair follicles if not treated early. They are tiny openings (or pores) on your scalp where your hair grows. After a hair is destroyed, the strand is replaced with scar tissue. Hair loss can be permanent.

When scarring appears on your scalp, you can see it. You’ll notice that the balding area feels smooth when you touch it after many hair follicles have developed scars.

Can CA be reversed?

If you treat CA before scarring occurs, it may be possible to grow hair or reverse the condition. If a hair follicle has scarred completely, it is challenging to regrow new hair, and the hair loss may be permanent.

Treatment for CA can sometimes be ineffective at reversing the disease or regrowing hair. However, it can stop CA from destroying any more hair follicles. The patch of hair loss can stay the same size and not grow larger. CA can continue to destroy hair follicles without treatment. The patch of hair loss will increase and eventually cover the entire scalp.

What is the treatment of CA?

You can’t effectively treat CA using hair loss treatments you buy online or at stores. This type of hair loss can only be treated by a dermatologist.

Self-care advice from a dermatologist will help you to get the most out of your treatment.

You should consult a dermatologist if you notice patchy hair loss in the middle of your scalp. CA can sometimes be a sign that you have a medical condition, such as thyroid disease. Hair loss can also indicate that you are lacking in iron or vitamins.

Dermatologists encourage you to schedule an appointment if you notice hair loss at the top of your scalp. Even though it may be tempting to conceal a small patch of hair loss, the area will only grow larger if left untreated.

Why does baldness begin at the top of the scalp?

Why CA starts at the top of the skull needs to be clarified.

Dermatologists have studied CA and discovered that it is a unique form of hair loss, which usually begins on top of the scalp. The round patch will grow as CCCA advances.

Researchers have found that:

  • Inflammation is present in the area where this type of hair fall develops.
  • CA is a common form of hair loss in women of African descent.
  • It’s most common in African American women and starts around middle age.
  • CCCA is a family-run organization.

Hair loss can be a sign of CA. Some people experience small bumps on the scalp. Untreated CA can cause the scalp to itch, sting, or burn.

Other signs and symptoms may appear. Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia: Symptoms have more information and pictures.

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