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Hair dryer rotating brush

Hair dryer rotating brush

Hot styling brushes could be the ultimate hair hack. These tools are a combination of a hairbrush and a flat iron. They promise easy styling.

New technologies make it easy to have beautiful hair every day.

Learning how to style your hair properly with a hot-air brush is essential. This is how to use a hot-air brush properly:

  • Condition your hair
  • Dry your hair with a towel and blow-dry for at least 80%.
  • Use a heat protector product
  • Divide your hair into 4 sections: crown, right, and left.
  • Use the brush to glide slowly from the roots to the tips.
  • Apply hairspray

It’s that easy! It is important to have damp hair and to use the best products and methods for your hair goals.

How do you use a hot-hair brush?

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro at hair styling or just starting. Using a hot brush is simple! These are the steps you need to use a hot-air brush.

  • Start with damp hair. Before using your hot broom, ensure that your hair is at least 80 per cent dry. This will reduce heat damage and make your hair look fuller.
  • Protect your hair from heat. Sam Villa said, “Product is not an alternative, it’s essential!” Use a hair product that suits your hair type to prep your hair.
  • Clip and section your hair. Divide your hair into sections and attach them with clips for the best styling results. You can avoid combing the same hair repeatedly by working in sections. This step can be skipped if you need to do quick touch-ups.
  • Make sure to brush it! Turn on your hot brush, and heat it up until you are satisfied. Slowly brush your hair from the roots to the tips, working in sections. You can add volume by lifting each section higher than your head while you brush the hair.
  • (Optional) Curl your ends. A round hot brush is better than a hot air paddle to create curled ends. Wrap the hair around the barrel, and then roll the brush towards the roots. After holding the brush in place for about 5-10 seconds, press the “cool” button. Wait a few seconds to let the curl cool down before you release it.
  • Use the product to finish. Apply a light hairspray to lock in volume and shine, and if necessary, serum to your ends.

How can you dry your hair using a hot iron?

Hot brushes allow you to achieve sleek, shiny hair at home without having to use a blow dryer or a round brush. Follow these steps to dry your hair using a hot brush:

Step 1: Choose the right heated brush

There are two types of hot brushes: the paddle and round. Round brushes can create straight or curled hair. While paddle brushes are ideal for smoothing and straightening hair, round brushes can also be used.

Choose a heated brush that can work on damp hair.

Step 2: Shampoo and condition your hair

If your hair falls flat, a volumizing shampoo or conditioner is recommended.

Conditioner is essential to seal moisture and reduce heat damage.

Step 3: Towel-dry or air-dry at least 80% of the route

After washing your hair, towel dry it with a soft cotton towel or microfiber towel. Allow your hair to air dry for at least 80%.

Step 4: Plug in your styling device and allow it to heat up

Keep in mind that finer hair needs less heat than very thick hair.

Step 5: Prep your hair using products

Use the right heat protector spray or mousse for your hair type.

Step 6: Section your hair and cut it

Divide your hair into 4 sections: the crown, left side and right side. The back. Clips can be used to secure each section.

Step 7: Dry your hair and style it

Begin by brushing the back section. Next, work your way up to the tips.

To achieve maximum volume, hold the brush near the roots. As you move through the hair, lift the hair up and down.

For straight hair, pull the brush through the hair all the way. Wrap the ends around the barrel to create curls.

Continue this process for the sides, and then dry the top section.

Step 8: Finish with hairspray

To avoid your hair becoming weighed down, use a light volumizing shampoo.

Apply a few drops of argon oil to your ends for thick, curly, or extra-dry hair.

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