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Good apple foundation

We all know the TikTok algorithms are too good. The social media platform knows that I am obsessed with dogs, and my job requires that I stay updated on the latest makeup products. Recently, I’ve seen beauty enthusiasts of all skin tones, textures, and shades raving over KVD Beauty’s Good Apple Skin Perfecting Hydrating Foundation balm. After attending a virtual launch for the brand only days before, I knew about its benefits and was eager to try it.

The brand sent me the “Light 012” shade, which is part of the 40-shade collection. It reminded me at first of some other foundation balms I have tried. I decided to ignore my past experiences and give this formula a try. I used a moistened makeup sponge to apply the cream on the redness in my nose, cheeks, and between my eyebrows. Then I applied the pigment left on the sponge to the rest of my skin, building up the formula until it was evenly distributed. Then, I used a powder brush to apply the translucent powder onto my oily T Zone. What’s the verdict? Mindblown.

I will be sincere (I am doing this for you!) KVD Beauty Foundation Balm was one of my favorite new products in 2021. This product is so good that I could rave about it for days. It’s lightweight, natural-looking, and incredibly pigmented. It’s so perfect for my skin that I don’t need concealer. This balm is unlike many other full-coverage products because it melts into your skin without feeling heavy or caky. The glow is amazing! You’ll get compliments on this one, I promise.

KVD Beauty compares the skin-perfecting effects of this foundation to that of a freshly picked apple, a concept I found odd at first. After testing and watching hundreds of people use it on social networks, the idea makes perfect sense. The foundation has a finish that the brand calls “fresh matte” and is neither too matte nor dewy. It looks remarkably similar to an apple in the orchard at peak fall. The brand claims it is best for “balanced or dry skin” thanks to ingredients such as apple extract and sodium-hyaluronate. However, with some translucent powder added, KVD states, “oily people can also use it.”

I must let others speak about the products they love, especially those with different skin tones and types. Meghan Grant was visibly upset after applying a mix of Tan 074 and Tan 072 on her “extremely dried skin.” She looked into the camera and said, “Hyperpigmentation, ma’am?”– visibly shaken by the complete coverage formula. One TikTok user, @glamzillaxo, was blown away by how quickly it covered up her redness. Type “KVD Foundation” in TikTok’s search bar to learn more.

Initially, I complained that there was no mirror in the compact to use on the go. After looking into the reason, I found that the packaging was wholly recyclable, and no disassembly was required. The user would have to disassemble the palette to recycle it, which could lead the packaging to end up in the landfill. In a future where pandemics are a reality, I’m okay with using the iPhone camera or carrying a small mirror in my bag. I would do anything to keep this makeup product in my arsenal…forever.

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