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Formal Eye Makeup – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Following the rules makes applying makeup for a formal event easy. It should not be overly loud or boring if you’re going for a traditional appearance. It would help if you strived for elegant and striking makeup. You can perfect your look with a bit of practice. You have come to the right place if you need to learn how to get that formal look. Continue reading.

Step 1

Preparing your skin is the first step. It’s all about creating a beautiful canvas. To ensure there are no makeup traces, removing them is essential. Use cleansing milk or makeup remover, depending on the type of skin you have to cleanse your skin.

Your eyes will be the focal point of this look. You can use an eye and lip makeup remover to clean the area under and above the eyes gently. Wet wipes are also an option.

Step 2

After cleansing your skin, it is time to moisturize it. The makeup can look cakey or flaky if you have dry skin. You will therefore need to water well. If you have oily or combination skin, moisturize your face only with an eye cream.

Step 3

If you use a primer on the eyelids, your makeup will stay intact and last throughout the day. Use concealer if you don’t own an eye primer. Choose the right product for your skin type and tone.

Blend the product well around your eyes. Seal the product with a compact or translucent powder.

Step 4

The next step is to tackle the eyes. Use a frosty, silver eyeshadow to start.

Remember that a lighter shade of eyeshadow on the lids will make your eyes appear more expansive and fresh.

Step 5

Blend it into the crease using a fluffy brush. This will give the eyes more depth.

This is an excellent technique for women with deep eye creases. It contours the crease and makes your eyelids pop.

Step 6

Blend the same eyeshadow shade on your lower eyelid with a fluffy brush. Blend the eyeshadow well to achieve a smokey, soft look.

Blend the silver highlighting shadow with a brush or by using your fingertips.

Step 7

Use a gel eyeliner and draw a thin, curved line along your lash line. Blend it outwards. Use an angular eyeliner brush.

Any eyeliner will do, whether gel, liquid, or pencil. This is a black eyeliner gel.

Blend the eyeliner using a pencil brush to achieve a smudged effect.

Step 8

Use a brow pen to fill in the eyebrows. Then, using a spoolie, blend the color and groom the hair evenly.

Step 9

Last, generously coat the upper and lower lashes with mascara. Let it dry for a few minutes.

Final Look

After you have finished your eye makeup, apply a foundation or moisturizer with a tinted base to your neck. Blend well. For a subtle effect, dust some loose powder over your face and apply lip gloss or lipsticks in coral or pink shades. You will get a natural, dewy, and soft look. This will complement any formal outfit.

Now you look serious. You will be the only one to bid on any deal because you are so beautiful.

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