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Five Fashion Trends You Need To Look Into This Fall

Even though summer is just beginning, fashion designers all over the globe were able to showcase their Fall/Winter collections. This allows you to see what the new season has in stores for you in terms style, colors and fabrics. Don’t be surprised if you spend Labor Day at your Hamptons beach house. Read the following article to prepare your wardrobe for next season.


The millennial generation has recently been the largest segment of the labor force, supporting the Z generation, Baby Boomers and seniors. It is not surprising that companies and brands focus more on this group and their specific needs.

Summer was all about the Millennial Pink. It’s time to switch to darker shades of purple for colder seasons. There are many shades available, so you only need to pick one that matches your skin tone, personality, and other clothing.


Exaggerated silhouettes are the fall trend. They resemble outdoor hutches and architectural marvels. You’ll feel like a Wall Street broker with the oversized, padded shoulders.

Combining the two-pieces combination with a large belt will make you ready to tackle any major city around the globe.


Fall is the ideal season to experiment in thicker fabrics. Over the years, leather has been a favorite of many designers. While wool, tweed and thick cotton seem appropriate for cold seasons, how do you feel about leather and more leather?

Alexander McQueen takes leather from the traditional tailored jackets and boots to make it more wearable this fall. Accessory made from the same fabric can be used to style leather in various ways, including tops and pants.

You can imagine big chunky leather necklaces resembling the beginnings Prodigy, paired with Dr. Martens high boots, or any other pair of hard-rock-like, masculine shoes.


You were wrong to think neon colors are just for summer parties. Neon shades, a runway favourite in past seasons, make a sweet return to celebrate the holidays. Instead of being limited to one color, you can bring out your inner disco diva this fall.

We have already mentioned that the 80s and early 1990s are still a huge source of inspiration for many designers. Neon colors work well with high-heeled leather boots and a tailored suit inspired by a man. Dare to experiment with neon pink, green, and yellow in a fifty shades of brown world.


The 80s are back! You can channel your inner Peg Bundy by wearing bold leopard prints on the outside. You don’t have to stick with the “Roar” look. Add a belt or pony skin shoes in animal print. You can go big or you can go home. In this instance, bring an oversized trench coat or coat in the signature pattern.

You can do anything with this fantasy of faux leopard coats, leather and neon colors. So why not take advantage of the new season! You can combine your signature coat and an all-black outfit like Alexander Wang, or go bold as Paco Rabanne suggests. It was amazing that leopard and snake print can be combined. This turtleneck is made from leather and purple neon.

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