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Eyeliner 101 – Find the best tool for you

This summer, eyeliner has been more popular than ever. This trend will continue. There are so many options for liners that it can be difficult to choose the best one. Which is best for a smoky eye? What is your go-to for a sophisticated, flashy look? What about the crazy look that you’re preparing for a night on the town?

Once you understand the different formulations and what they can do, it all makes sense. Let’s take a look at some of the available products and see how they can be used to create looks that are sure to make people talk. Let’s educate you!

Pencil Eyeliner Pencils should be in every makeup bag. Pencils can be used to create any look, from soft and smudged to deep and dramatic. They are great for both beginners and professionals. You can use pencil liners to create a line around the lashline, inside the eye, or even as a base for eyeshadow. There are many formulations available, from the traditional Kohl’s formula to long-wearing waterproof options. It’s important to choose the right pencil for your makeup and your environment. I prefer waterproof or Kohl for the inside of my eyes because they are both more pigmented and tend to last longer. Make sure that your pencil is always sharpened. Use the entire tip and not just the information to create the desired shape.

Liquid liners

Liquid eyeliner is a classic product in the cosmetics industry. Originally developed for film use, liquid eyeliners were a key component of iconic makeup looks in the fifties. These eyeliners can be used to create sophisticated cat-eye looks, kitten kicks in color, or the graphic shapes and sharp lines we see this season. These liners are highly pigmented and can appear flat. However, they can be mixed with other formulas to create a more dimensional look. It is important to use liquid eyeliners with a steady hand. Try a modern pen-style applicator for more control. To make application easier, create the shape first with taupe eyeshadow and then trace over it with liquid.

Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner are two products that have a heated debate in the world of beauty, but they cannot be interchanged. Both have very different finishes and properties. The sharp, immediate line created by liquid eyeliner is what many people love. Gel eyeliner is more flexible and generous, so you can build up your line to achieve the desired drama. Gel eyeliner is also easier to use for those who are less skilled at applying liner. It is more versatile and can create sharp, hard lines or smokey, less dramatic effects. To make the appearance of thicker lashes, I love to dot gel eyeliner on the lash line. Gels are waterproof and tend to last longer, but they do require an extra brush.

Cream Liner

Gel liners and cream liners have a close relationship. Gel formulas are more durable and last longer, but cream liners tend to be less stable. Many artists still consider them interchangeable.

Powder eyeliner

The possibilities are endless with powder eyeliners. They come in many different packages. You can apply them by selecting your favorite eyeshadow and using a stiff, angled brush to apply it. You can use an infinite variety of colors and textures. Powders work well for smokey eyes and are long-lasting. You can combine them with other liners to get the look of your favorite stars on the red carpet.

Since ancient Egypt, people have used pigment to create a striking look. Eyeliner can instantly reshape the eye and add depth and dimension. Although each formula has its unique identity and benefits, I recommend combining a few recipes to create a look with a longer-lasting appearance and placement.

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