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Eyebrow pencil for blondes

Every time I looked at myself in the mirror for about two weeks, I would do a double-take. I felt as if I were always wearing a wig, and thought that my confusion was due to my new color being so different from my brunette natural hue. After more than I’dI’d like to admit in the mirror, I discovered the culprit. My eyebrows.

My eyebrows were now the wrong color because my hair was lighter. It’sIt’s true that the dark brows with blonde hair look striking (see Cara Delevingne as visual proof), but I didn’t-didn’t like how my roots were so different from my brows.

After we spoke, Eddie Hernandez, Chantecaille’s National Artistry Ambassador and makeup artist, helped me realize this. He then (thankfully!) gave me some tips to get it right. I was given some great tips on achieving my new hair color. “Bold eyebrows with light blonde hair create a dramatic frame and add a lot of structure to your face,” says Hernandez. “Blondes need to look for eyebrow products that are almost ashy, with no red undertones. This will give them the best natural effect and won’twon’t oxidize throughout the day.

He recommends taupe as a neutral color that is flattering for all women, whether they have blonde or black hair. The shade is available in pencils and powders.

Hernandez also suggests that you look for a brow shade that is two shades lighter than your natural brow color to soften it. Or, use a clear gel like the Chantecaille Complete Brow Perfecting Gel (40 USD; Neiman-Marcus) to tidy up the brows without changing their color.

While I usually choose Laura Mercier’sMercier’s Eyebrow Pencil, Blonde (, I decided on Ash Blonde instead. It was a vast improvement when topped with Chantecaille’s brow gel. Another option that is guaranteed to work? Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer ($23;

How you draw on eyebrows and the product you use will also depend on your eyebrow issues and brow type. He says that an excellent pencil is best used sparingly to create the illusion of natural brush strokes on areas with patches.

Hernandez says that powders can be used to add color and fullness to brows with thin hairs. They also help fill in the gaps between brow hairs.

He says that gels and tints offer convenience, as they are typically applied with a brush which also combs the hairs in place. Clear versions are great for holding brows in position without adding color for a low-maintenance look. Tints and pomades work well for beginners who want lighter or darker eyebrows.

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