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Dyson hair wrap

Dyson, a British company best known for its vacuum cleaners and other technology, announced it would enter the haircare industry. It was not only met with shock but also with a lot of doubt. The hand-held Dyson hair dryer was its first product launch. It promised to be lighter, quieter, and gentler on hair than other hair dryers on the market. But for $400, it was not widely accepted by beauty experts and industry leaders.

The Dyson Supersonic, released in 2016, quickly disproved the doubters. The hair dryer was an instant hit, thanks to rave social media and online reviews. Sales boomed despite the high price. The Dyson Airwrap was launched two years later. It is an all-in-one styler that can curl, wave, dry, and smooth hair without extreme heat. In a matter of weeks, the tool was sold out, and there were more than 130,000 waiting on a list to pay $549. The company will launch the fourth tool in the haircare trifecta, the $499 Dyson Corrale.

While surprising to some, the success of Dyson in the hair care market is the result of many years of hard work and significant investment. Kate Craft, Dyson Reliability engineer, says that the success of Dyson in the hair space started with something other than the Supersonic. We’ve been doing hair research for over a decade, and we’ve invested more than PS100 million in laboratories around the globe. Craft says, “We have continued to research and create tools to achieve our mission: to provide products for all hair types and styles, and with less damage.” Today, Dyson has over 6,000 scientists, engineers, and stylists worldwide working to advance this mission.

While most brands with long waiting lists might stop innovating because of the high demand, Dyson did just the opposite. This is especially true when it comes to its best-selling tool. In 2021, more than 100,000 people were still waiting to purchase the Airwrap, and four units were sold each minute. But Dyson still needed to redesign this styling tool. “That’s who we are!” Craft says that Dyson is never satisfied with its past success and always strives to innovate. Art says, “We strive to improve our technology, including the Dyson Airwrap TM Multi-Styler.
Dyson has considered user feedback and refined the attachment technology. This has improved performance by enhancing Coanda’s airflow. Air follows an adjacent surface when propelled with the right speed, pressure, and direction. Craft says, “We have completely redesigned our pre-styling attachment as a 2-in-1 accessory. It is now called the Coanda Smoothing Dryer.” The excellent rotating tip lets you easily switch between this new attachment’s two modes. In the drying mode, the concentrated hot air jet will help dry hair before styling it with other extensions. Once the hair is completely dried, the user can switch to the Flyaway attachment. This feature was borrowed from the Supersonic. The barrels are also redesigned so they can curl hair in both directions with just one barrel. This is a significant change compared to the previous Airwrap, which required switching barrels. To accommodate longer hair and to allow more hair to curl in one go, the barrel that was formerly known as the “long barrel” is now the standard length.
The new design was launched on 2 June, including a wide-toothed comb attachment designed for curls or coils to lengthen hair before styling. Craft says that the comb is designed for comfort, with no sharp edges to catch your hair and optimized tooth spacing so you can get to your roots. Dyson and its retail partners are selling the second-generation Aiwrap for $599. It has already received the same positive response from customers as the original.

Dyson’s goal has been to set the standard in the haircare market since the beginning. Craft says, “We’ve always believed in the technology we developed. But it’s amazing how much success we have had since the Supersonic was launched in 2016.” Craft says, “We never imagined the level of success this product would have when it was launched in 2018. This next-gen Airwrap is our best performance Airwrap to date, so I expect this launch to erase the success we experienced then.

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