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Dior lip glow oil

Lip oils have never been my favorite. I found them more oily than greasy. When I saw the glowing reviews of Dior’s Addict lip oil ($35), I was skeptical. A friend told me that Dior’s version kept her lips moisturized and soft in 23-degree weather. It convinced her to try it.

The Dior salesperson at Miami International Airport told me the lip oils were no longer available. Although I knew they were famous, I was shocked that it was so hard to find them. I could locate one in the Universal Clear color at a nearby mall. My questions remained: What made it so great? How did it sell so quickly?

The cosmetic category of lip oil has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. A Statista report found that 14.4 million American women used lip gloss at least 14 times weekly in 2020. This is the moment in beauty. Matte lips have dominated the beauty trend cycle for years. High-shine lips have returned, and brands are reacting. In 2020, Dior launched its Lip Glow Oil. Other brands, such as Kylie Cosmetics and Haus Labs, have also found their versions over the past two years.

Dior’s Lip Glow Oil stands out in a saturated market thanks to its superior formula and feel. Peter Philips, Dior Makeup’s creative director and image director, explains that the goal was to create a fantastic oil-based lip product that would care [for the skin] and appeal.

How to make your Lip Glow Oil

Philips refers to the creation of Lip Glow Oil as a “technical process.” He explains that all aspects of the creative and development process are tested internally. Once we have a formula, we test it on a group of potential customers. We evaluate the cosmetic and skincare results by testing the packaging and trying out different application methods. Great products are created when our skincare and makeup labs work together.

Gen Z is moving towards clean beauty and wants less packaging and better ingredients. Dior has made it a priority to meet their needs. To demonstrate its commitment to strict formulation standards, sustainable ingredients, and responsible sourcing, Dior has created its Responsible Beauty Charter.

The Lip Glow Oil’s non-sticky formula contains ingredients like cherry oil. This is rich in vitamin A, which helps increase hydration. The Lip Glow Oil is also equipped with color reviver technology. This technology reacts with the lips’ moisture levels to create custom gloss shades. Its sleek design is part of Dior’s sustainable development initiative.

These factors were all key to making it a massive hit with beauty lovers right from its launch. Philips says there was a loyal following even before the product went viral. You feel happy when people buy your product for the first time. You know you have a great product when they return to it repeatedly.

The TikTok Hype

The Lip Glow Oil is an outstanding product, but the TikTok hype has made it a popular commodity. The #diorlipglow hashtag has been viewed more than 115 million times on social media. Jasmine Blankenship, the beauty creator, offered a few theories to explain why TikTokers are drawn to this product. She says that if the item is affordable and easily accessible, it will sell faster. “Also, it is more likely that the product’s color will go viral if it is more easily wearable (meaning [it works for all skin types]).

AppAnnie identifies TikTok as the most popular app to influence consumer spending. It’s no surprise that Lip Glow Oil sales have soared. It is becoming more difficult for retailers to stock popular lip products due to increasing customer demand. Due to global supply chain issues, many beauty brands have needed help sourcing and delivering raw materials.

Lip Glow Oil’s appeal is evident in the patience of this Dior customer. Jada Monroe, the creator of TikTok, says that when I see something I love is out of stock, like the Lip Glow Oil, I stock up as soon as it returns.

Although some colors are slowly being restocked, most shades will have sold out when this article is published. After getting up at 7 AM and going straight to the retail apps, I snagged another one of the “Rosewood” shades. I am eagerly awaiting their arrival. Blankenship, and I agree it will be worth the wait if you aren’t lucky enough. She declares, “It’s just so good.”

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