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Copper Peel: Reduce sun damage and fine lines with this Peel

We have a solution for you if the thought of a chemical skin peel makes you shiver. It’s gentle on your skin and easy on your pocketbook. The Omorovicza Copper Peel combines wrinkle-reducing lactic acids with skin-plumping, copper-based ingredients for a soft and refreshing mask.

How does it work? The product is a two-part unit. Each tube contains two portions. In the green line (copper), squeeze out half of the product. Massage the product into your face for several minutes. Squeeze out half of the product (lactic acid) from the tube and rub in circular motions. The mask will be activated by mixing the lactic acids with the copper. This will create a soft, foamy consistency. After 5-8 minutes, rinse the solution off with lukewarm tepid water. Follow up with a mild moisturizer. Use this solution before bedtime 1-2 times per week. We noticed that our skin turned pink after washing.

Packaging Tip: Reseal the tube with the nib that you used to open it. Turn the nib upside-down and press it into the tube’s opening until it snaps in place.

Why does it work? Lactic Acid is used to treat wrinkles and reduce sun damage. This mild, digestible acid can be found in many gentle peels. It has a brightening effect on the skin when it is used regularly. Copper contains collagen-boosting proteins or peptides that can be applied topically to plump up the skin. You can combine the two to create a treatment that will plump your face, fade spots, and have a mild peeling action without causing flaking.

Who is it for? The Omorovicza Copper Peel Mask is perfect for sun lovers and anyone with concerns about early aging. After about six treatments, we noticed that our sun spots faded and our skin was more bouncy.

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