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Coachella outfits 2020

Coachella outfits 2020

Coachella fashion is synonymous with boho, free-spirited clothing that allows everyone to dress up for three days. All you need to do to find out what Coachella fashion looks like is to Google it. Scrolling through the photos will reveal a trend in fringe. You’ll see cutoff denim shorts and hats with flower crowns, ankle boots, floral details and bare midriffs. Flash tattoos are also common.

Who doesn’t want their clothes to look like they just stepped out of a Free People magazine? Yes, I do. I cannot often wear Yoko Ono sunglasses or teenage denim shorts.

I say bring on the Coachella fashion.

It was my first Coachella; here’s the secret! It’s shocking, I know! It was my first trip to this highly anticipated festival, and I’m a fashion blogger, so I was all dressed up in Coachella attire! Everything was checked, except for flash tattoos or flower crowns. I didn’t have enough sunscreen for flash tattoos, so I chose to wear a large hat over a flower crown.


These are my Coachella day one outfit photos. I read that wearing open-toed shoes online is not a good idea. Therefore, I chose sturdy ankle boots from CAT footwear over my gladiator sandals. Peter and I were making our way to the concert’s front, so I was able to appreciate this detail. It was normal for me to have my feet stepped on a lot. There are many people around you, and one or two will get too close.

Ankle boots protect your feet from the elements and dirt. Sandals will not protect your manicure and pedicure. Because not all places are paved or have grass, we walked on many dirt paths. At the end of the festival, my white ankle boots weren’t so white.

What number of items did I wear from the Coachella uniform? Let’s count: hat, fringes, ankle boots cut off jeans shorts, cutoff denim shorts round sunglasses, floral details and stacked jewelry I feel pretty competent for my first Coachella outfit.


These photos were taken at the Palm Springs Wind Farm. As you enter Palm Springs, the wind farm will greet you. The perfect backdrop for miles upon miles of windmills can be found all over the landscape.

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