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Coachella mens outfits

Coachella mens outfits

The post-lockdown frenzy was manifested in young women’s and men’s fashions with mood-boosting colours and prints, sensual pieces, and OTT looks. The main trends for youth are still being followed, with anaemia and nostalgia for the noughties proving important.

The festival look was still popular, but the event’s return marks a shift to social media-ready looks due to TikTok’s rise. Fashion brands are embracing the platform’s influence and attempting to inspire the youth market.

Young men are moving away from dated bohemian looks and adopting a Y2K aesthetic. They wear retro separates and pared-back styling. Young women are exploring sensuality through form-fitting silhouettes with extreme cutouts. Eye-catching bright colours and prints are the focus to lift youth essentials.

Festival fashion is becoming a new category. Many festival-goers use the venue as an opportunity to experiment and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Five key fashion trends will be revealed at Coachella 2022. These were hand-picked and selected by WGSN’s trend forecasters.


Abstract prints are influenced by digital trends and include new waves, Ombre heat maps, trompe-l’oeil, and heat maps.


Participants’ post-lockdown optimism can be seen in their colour choices. Bright’s stand out in simple but attention-grabbing looks.


Retro styles that are lightweight and easy to wear can be balanced by crafted florals, summer sports graphics and sparsely positioned motifs. As consumers return to vacation, they are looking for styles that reflect a relaxed attitude and a laid-back feel.

#One-colour co-ords

Bold colours are used by youth to set the tone. Bright summer colours and vibrant sunset tones are the best for directional looks that evoke joy and warmth. Lilac and Digital Lavender provide a more gentle take on Y2K.


Mushrooms are both expressive prints as well as embroideries and they can be used to refer to a festival atmosphere.

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