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Cloud nine hair straightener

You should be able to appreciate the incredible power of a Cloud Nine straightener if you are a hairstylist. If you’ve held one in your hands, you know how powerful they are at transforming you into a new level of style. It’s easy to understand why Cloud Nine reviews are so positive or why this excellent styling assistant has become one of the best straighteners available in Australia.

Every Cloud Nine member is now a superstar. As we know, only some appliances will give you the same result. Cloud Nine is the perfect tool to curl your hair using your straightener.

You can choose from four Cloud Nine straighteners, depending on your needs, the type of hair you are working with, and how much time you need. After reading this primer, you’ll understand why Cloud Nine is considered one of Australia’s top hair straightener brands.

First things first

You’ll be able to do your hair with the help of some pretty sweet technology, no matter which model you choose from Cloud Nine. All of their straighteners have MiCOM technology. Your straightener will automatically detect when you need to increase or decrease the temperature while styling. This ensures that your hair is styled evenly and without damaging it. Pretty cool, huh?

The Original Iron

The Cloud Nine’s Original Iron will work for you, no matter your hairstyle. This all-rounder is an excellent tool because it allows you to create various styles. Cloud Nine’s The Original can do everything, from lovely looping curls to that casual, beachy look to straight styles.

Cloud Nine’s revolutionary plates are a model for all to follow. Mineral-infused ceramic plates seal the hair cuticles, allowing your hair to retain its moisture and shine. Cloud Nine’s floating-plate technology allows the tool to slide easily and without much friction, reducing the likelihood of it sizzling. The variable temperature control allows you to choose between 100 and 200 degrees for tailored hair care.

The Wide Iron

Cloud Nine’s The Wide Iron does precisely what it says: a wide iron for handling hair in bunches. It’s good to know.

Cloud Nine’s wide-plated wand was a real treat for those with long, luscious locks. The original hair straightener’s Cloud Nine was widened to include more possibilities.

You’ve found the right place if you want to create those extensive, bouncier curly hairstyles. When taming your hair is the goal, you cannot afford to let The Wide Iron sit on the bench. Thanks to the 40mm wide plates, which are 15mm wider than The Original, you’ll be able to cover more area with each pull. They also have the same mineral-infused ceramic floating properties. The Original also features the same variable control as this version.

The Micro Iron

Cloud Nine, The Micro Iron, is great for styling tighter spaces.

The smaller size of this tool (just 15cm) and its stature are both vast advantages. This is an excellent tool for people with shorter hair who still want to look stylish. The Micro Iron is also great for working on details. If you wish to get your fringe just right, find the perfect shape to ensure your locks are positioned correctly, work directly at your roots, or do quick touch-ups, it’s perfect. If you like to travel, the micro iron will easily fit into your bag without taking up much space. This means you won’t need to worry about cutting down on the essentials.

Although you won’t have the variable temperature control that The Original Iron and The Wide Iron offer, 150 watts of heat is still plenty.

The Touch Iron

Touch Iron is another Cloud Nine hair straightener with a high-tech twist. The unique automatic heating revolutionized the industry upon its release in 2013. This bad boy heats up instantly without the need to plug it in and wait. This Touch Iron is perfect for anyone with any hair type and those short on time.

You can choose between 165 and 195 degrees once you have the floating ceramic plates with mineral-infused coatings that you are used to from Cloud Nine. With Touch Temperature control, you can easily toggle back and forth between 165 and 195 degrees. To switch, you click the plates three times. It’s like a computer shortcut for your straightener.

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