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Cloud nine hair straightener

Heat styling has improved dramatically in the last few years. Instead of using clothes irons at searing temperatures (yes, it’s true) or spending hours blow-drying, we now have cutting-edge devices that help us achieve beautiful locks and maintain healthy hair.

With the advancement of technology, you no longer need to compromise style for strength. Various gadgets are available to ensure that you get the best solution for your hair.

While the growth in this area is good, choosing the right tool for your needs can take time and effort.

You may have been debating the two most prominent brands in heated hair styling tools – Cloud Nine and ghd – when you are in the market to buy a straightener, curling tool, or hair dryer.

Together, both brands produce incredible products that dominate the market. They have released several high-tech developments over the years in an attempt to outdo each other. This has led to experts and customers debating who is better.



The ghd brand, “good hair days,” became an instant household name after bringing the original straightener from Korea to Britain in 2001.

Three entrepreneurs from Leeds, including Robert Powls, purchased the rights to a South Korean hair straightener with the assistance of Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Gary Douglas.

Experts, stylists, and poker-straight soon praised the brand, and sleek styles became the preferred way to style hair in the ’00s.

Ghd didn’t stop at straightening hair. They also launched several other products, including curling tongs, hair dryers, and hot brushes.

Unsurprisingly, the brand has won more than 300 beauty prizes. All of its heat styling tools are “safer for hair.” The ghd irons all maintain a constant temperature of 185C. This is the temperature that the brand claims is optimal for heat styling without damaging hair.

Cloud Nine

Despite their fierce rivalry, Cloud Nine and ghd share something in common: they both have a founder.

Remember Robert Powls? He’s also the founder of Cloud Nine. The entrepreneur, who left ghd for a three-year semi-retirement in 2006, returned to the hair industry in 2009 with the launch of Cloud Nine.

Powls’ premium straighteners were the first to hit the market with their new approach. They wanted to offer kinder styling with better results. All of Cloud Nine’s products are made in South Korea. Cloud Nine claims it is the only country with the mineral sericite, which has a “hair-healing effect.” This mineral is used in all their styles.

Since then, this multi-award-winning company has released various products, including straighteners, hair dryers, and curling wands.

Product range


Ghd’s range includes curling wands, hair straighteners, hair dryers, and hot brushes. They are all designed to work with different hair types and lengths.

Platinum Plus (PS189 is the brand’s newest straightener. Our roundup of the best hair straighteners named it the best buy. The tool is designed with “ultra zone” technology that adjusts heat according to the thickness of the hair.

The ghd original IV styler operates at 185C and is another core straightener. It’s made with dual-zone technology that allows for optimal heat control.

The ghd stylers are also available in different sizes and styles to suit the hair type. For example, the ghd styler for thick or curly hair (PS179) is designed for curly hair.

The unplugged is ghd’s first cordless straightener (PS299 The tool was described as a game changer in our review. It allows you to style your hair wherever you want. The tool is charged using a USB-C cord and provides 20 minutes of styling.

ghd offers a wide range of tools. You can choose from the helios hairdryer (PS159,, which won a head-to-head comparison with Dyson’s supersonic(PS299.99, or the curve creative cur wand (PS129, featured in our list of the best curling wands.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine has a carefully curated collection of hot tools designed to give you control and customize your styling experience according to your hair.

Cloud Nine later released a newer version of this tool, called the original iron pro (PS249, a data-affiliate= “true” data-feature= “null,track_events” data-ml=” true” and data ml ID= “13”), which features the brand’s unique “revive mode,” that sees the plates vibrate at 8,000 times a minute to minimize friction. Cloud Nine released a more advanced version of the tool called the original iron (PS249 that features the brand’s “revive” mode, which vibrates the plates 8,000 times per minute to minimize friction.

You can also Design Your Own

The design of the hair straightener may not be the most critical factor, but the feel and look of the tool could influence your decision.

Cloud Nine and ghd regularly release limited edition versions of their tools with unique designs. However, their classic stylers have a distinct look that sets them apart.

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