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Clinique black honey

Clinique, Almost Lipstick Black Honey is a beauty staple because of its sheer burgundy color that matches many skin shades. The lip product received a makeover in 1989 when the pot packaging was replaced by a tube. It has remained popular for decades.

TikTokers’ glowing reviews at the end of summer 2021 pushed its popularity to the next level, causing the product to sell out year-round and forcing many to look for alternatives. Just scroll through the data offer-, which has over 26 million views, and you’ll find countless people raving about the lipstick.

What about this product has kept it so popular for over 40 years? Its popularity is due to its formula and color: a moisturizing red-raisin, a sheer balm. New York City makeup artist Tommy elaborates. Black Honey, launched in 1970, was the first lipstick to be a naturalist response to the makeup-rich 1960s.

Clinique Almost Liquid Lipstick in Black Honey is a deep burgundy when tube opening. This dark color can be deceiving, as it turns into a mauve-like color that blends in with your lip color. It’s not lipstick, as its name implies. It’s more like a tinted Lip Balm, leaving a layer of moisturizing pigment with a gloss sheen.

Black Honey is a mauve color on the digital deputy editor of Kara McGrath. It enhances her natural lip and skin colors. She says, “I have heard wonderful things about this product, but I’ve never tried it in 32 years.” “It falls into the sheer-and-moisturizing category of lip products that I’ve been favoring lately over matte or full-coverage formulas.”

Talia Guiterrez, a beauty assistant with naturally pink lips, wore a slightly lighter pink shade. Black Honey was a good way for her to step out of her comfort zones. She loves nude shades, so it allowed her to try something new. It “saturated [her] natural lip color” with deeper tones.

The gothic color became a sheer berry shade that added a hint of pigment to my two-toned lips. You could still tell that I was wearing it.

Tommy claims this product is so “uncomplicated” that you can use it right out of the tube. That’s precisely what we did. He recommends that you use a lip pencil close to your lips’ color or slightly darker. He says he likes to use a tissue to blot Black Honey and then reapply it for more color, durability, and hold. I’ve seen clients wear it under clear gloss or alone.

If you’re hesitant about wearing dark lipsticks, the classic Clinique Almost Liquid Lipstick in Black Honey is the perfect first step. It’s not overly dramatic and works for almost everyone. Plus, the result is gorgeous and shiny. It’s not surprising that this product is a top seller for Clinique. After all, it was awarded the Best of Beauty Award 3 times.

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