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Clarins lip oil

Lip oils with tints are the most popular choice for lips today. Sadly, not all lip oils are created equal. Finding a formula you will love must strike a delicate balance between color, finish and comfort.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil ($39) is a contender.

The new lip oil is a moisturizing, glossy product that delivers a juicy color. It also contains natural ingredients to provide extra comfort for your lips. It’s more like skincare masquerading as makeup.

The new formula contains 93 percent natural ingredients. It provides deep hydration and instant shine thanks to a blend of Jojoba, Hazelnut, and Sweetbriar Rose Oil.

Recently, I tried the new lip comfort oil formula and was very impressed. I love tinted lip oils and was delighted to find that the new formula, which is care-led, felt like a lovechild between a lip treatment and a gloss, but without the heavy, sticky feel we all hate.

Eight shades are available, ranging from a sheer glossy to a chocolatey hue. Pitaya was my favorite, a beautiful magenta shade that, along with Cherry, Apricot, and Strawberry shades, contains an intuitive pigment that adjusts the hue of the lipstick according to your natural pH.

It’s a quick and easy way to finish your makeup. The glossy finish is long-lasting, but the color is instant. Clarins has tested the clear shade Honey as an intensive overnight treatment. It revealed that 85% of women found their lips nourished when they woke up.

Clarins has created chic packaging that does not compromise its commitment to Responsible Beauty. Clarins, the heritage company, continues to adhere to Jacques Courtin’s principles of supporting those in need, funding medical research, and protecting the environment for future generations.

You have the ultimate lip treatment, cleverly, conveniently, and consciously disguised as a lip color and camouflaged in lip color. Shop below to end your hunt officially.

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Bonnie J. Sung

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