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Skin peeling on fingers

Skin peeling on fingers The skin on the fingertips can crack or peel, which can be both bothersome and uncomfortable. It is common for skin to peel at the fingertips. Most cases of skin peeling occur on the feet, hands, or lips. Although skin peeling is not usually a concern, it can be associated with other medical conditions. Other skin conditions such as dryness, itchiness, and skin peeling can cause the fingertips to peel. Common causes of skin irritation and when it may be necessary to consult a doctor. Skin peeling at the fingertips The environment or underlying conditions can...

How to get rid of a blind pimple?

How to get rid of a blind pimple? Cystic acne or blind pimples are deep, under-the-skin bumps. They can be very visible or small, painful or reddish. Blind pimples can be difficult to spot, but there are steps that you can take to eliminate them. This article will explain what a blind spot is and how to safely and effectively remove it. What's a blind pimple? Blind pimples refer to acne that occurs beneath the skin's surface. Although the pimple may not always be visible, it is usually felt. You may feel the area irritated or itching. Most often, blind...

Hair dryer rotating brush

Hair dryer rotating brush Hot styling brushes could be the ultimate hair hack. These tools are a combination of a hairbrush and a flat iron. They promise easy styling. New technologies make it easy to have beautiful hair every day. Learning how to style your hair properly with a hot-air brush is essential. This is how to use a hot-air brush properly: Condition your hair Dry your hair with a towel and blow-dry for at least 80%. Use a heat protector product Divide your hair into 4 sections: crown, right, and left. Use the brush to glide slowly from the...

80s make up look

80s make up look The beauty industry is seeing the return of the '80s in big ways. Retro trends such as blue eyes, pink lipsticks, bold cheek blush and a more-ism approach to makeup are becoming increasingly popular with influencers and celebs. We are seeing brighter colours return to these makeup looks. But we also love the modern, and fresh take celebs use in their '80s-inspired makeup looks. Steve Kassajikian is Urban Decay's global makeup artist. He says that the exaggerated blush and bright eyeshadows are making a comeback. These looks are playful and fun and can be used with all skin types....

10 Summer Beauty Tips For An Attractive Look

Everyone wants to be proud of their looks in spring, winter, and fall. Nothing compares to being able to do so in the summer. Summer offers so much to offer, you will want to look your best. For more information on Women Angle, click here. Learn how to take care of your skin and new ways to improve it. You want to learn more about summer's looks and how to get the best out of it. You can find out more by reading on! WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY Sunscreen is essential for anyone who visits a sunny area. Even in...

5 Foods That Destroy Your Skin Collagen & Age You Faster

You may have read or heard about the negative effects of sugary and processed foods on your health. Sugar and unhealthy foods can cause your skin to age faster and cause damage to collagen. Numerous studies have shown that poor nutrition can cause skin problems such as irritation, dehydration, and blemishes. Foods that cause inflammation or skin irritation can damage the collagen in your skin. This can lead to lines, wrinkles and sagging. You could prematurely age your skin if you don't eat right. These are the five foods you should avoid if your skin wants to look radiant, young,...

How Do Anti-aging Creams Work?

Your skin can age due to stress, environmental factors, sun exposure, and daily life. Many anti-aging products claim to make you look younger. But do they really work? According to the American Chemical Society, there is no miracle cure for wrinkles. A closer look at the most popular ingredients will give you a deeper understanding of the true potential or hype surrounding anti-aging creams. RETINOL Vitamin A-based, retinoids are anti-aging substances. They were originally used to treat acne in the 1970s. However, scientists have found that retinoids can be used to increase the speed at which superficial skin cells are...

How Does Vitamin C Help Against Sun Damage? 5 Benefits Of Vitamin C For Skin

Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient in skincare. Vitamin C is considered the "holy grail" of skincare, and with good reason. This amazing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nutrient improves the skin's texture and color, moisturizes and reduces signs and symptoms of aging. Vitamin C can be found naturally in fruits and vegetables. However, it is also widely used in cosmetic products that benefit the skin. Vitamin C can reverse sun damage to your skin, chest, and whole body. Vitamin C brightens the complexion and protects against sun damage and free radicals. Many researchers have found that topical vitamin C has a greater...

8 Essentials For Your Summer Beach Outing

Beach Ready -- If you haven’t had a chance yet to visit the beach this summer, there is still plenty of time. Make sure you look your best before you head out. Below is a list of eight essential beach items that will make your summer unforgettable. They include everything from sunnies to swimwear. Beach Dress A beach dress is the best choice for when you're not on the water, or just hanging out. Bonprix has a wide selection of beach dresses. There are many options, from the simplest sundresses to the most glamorous maxi dresses. Flutter Maxi Dress at Bon Prix....