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Australian skincare brand

The Australian beauty has been the talk of beauty enthusiasts. The editors of all the significant glossies raved about the short ingredient lists in Aussie products and the precise results comparable to K-Beauty. Australian beauty products are powerful because they have access to native botanicals that are rich in nutrients and unique. Examples include Kakadu Plums, a natural source of Vitamin C, and Caviar Limes, which contain AHAs, but do not irritate the skin. Australian beauty products can be assertive without parabens and phthalates.

After being swayed by the Vogue-approved Dr. Roebuck and the Byrdie-loved Red Earth in the past few months, I bought many Australian beauty products. When I introduce new products into my routine, I do so one at a time. This time I decided to try an experiment. For two weeks, I switched out all of my daily products for Australian-made ones, from my cleansers to oils and sunscreen. As you might imagine, I worried the switch would cause me to break out.

The new regimen was a great choice. My skin looked luminous, hydrated, and soft, even when the temperatures started to fall into the mid-40s. These products were so much different from my everyday products. My usual products have a strong chemical smell and tingle, but these products felt soothing and fresh. The products were also a good fit for my skin. I use my traditional Korean beauty mask twice daily, which has about 50 ingredients. Most of the products I substituted in these two weeks only had nearly half or less. These products will transform your skin and make you feel like Margot. I’m thrilled to share my favorites with you.

 Roebuck’s Noose Nourishing Cream Cleanser

The philosophy of this brand, which is “all-natural with minimal ingredients and maximum results,” seemed enough for me to try it. When my Beautypie cleanser ran out, I purchased their hydrating cleansers. I wanted to find something gentle but still cleansing that could help me get through the winter. Since then, it’s become my favorite. This cleanser uses soothing ingredients like Arnica and Calendula, which my mother used to use on my skin as a child. It will calm and moisturize even the angriest skin. It’s beneficial when I pick at my skin and need to reduce the redness on my face by three to one hundred notches. This is something I’ll buy again and again. The cap makes it easy to throw in your gym bag.

Roebuck Daintree AHA Brightening Mask

It’s not as aggressive as Drunk Elephant Babyfacial or P50, but it removes the nasty stuff from your skin. After a few applications, you will notice that your skin’s texture has changed. This Mask is infused with native ingredients like AHA-rich Kakadu Plum and Vitamin C-rich Caviar lime. It will leave your face looking bright, smooth, and clean. This is what I use twice a week, right after cleansing.

Red Earth Brighten Concentrate Oil With Kakadu Plum

After receiving their adorable and beautifully packaged lipsticks from a friend as a present, I began to investigate this brand and fell in love with the Vitamin C oil. This product is hydrating and brightening simultaneously (I have never used Vitamin C oil before, but only serums). It will make your skin look super plump. It smells amazing. It’s amazing how my skin glows after using this product. I mix it with my moisturizing or have used it before.

Go to Face Hero

Australian beauty editor Zoe Foster Blake founded the brand. I also found a lot of rave reviews on Sephora about the product’s hydrating and reparative properties. This oil is a wonder product. It contains fatty acids and vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This oil also helps to mellow dry patches and scabby acne. This oil is similar to Drunk Elephant Marula Oil but at a fraction of the cost. It’s a winner.

Asarai Earth Tones Face Mask

Since I have dry skin, I tend to avoid clay face masks as they dehydrate me. When I had a bad breakout, I read about this Mask that uses aloe vera to soothe, Kakadu plumb for brightening, and sunflower seed oil to replenish. It was amazing at sucking dirt from the skin. It was. The Mask could tighten and unclog my pores while also calming the inflammation. It was like a kick in the shins for my acne. It’s not very hydrating – I recommend using an oil or moisturizer afterward – but it isn’t drying either.

Grown alchemist Matte Balancing Moisturizer

It’s a little pricey, but this cream meets my top criteria for creams: it will leave you feeling okay. It’s common for me to equate richness and efficiency in moisturizing my dehydrated skin. But despite feeling relatively light, this cream keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day without any tightness. It has a semi-matte finish which makes the makeup look flawless.

Mecca Cosmetica to Save Face Superscreen

A few Aussie friends highly recommended this sunscreen, so I knew it would be great. This sunscreen is high in SPF and contains hyaluronic acids for hydration, Vitamin E, which helps neutralize free radicals, and a non-whitening formula. This product is so nourishing that I used it as a moisturizer this summer. This SPF will be a great addition to anyone with dry skin.

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