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Are you prone to facial redness? Lifestyle tips for sensitive skin

Does your skin react to anything and everything? Are you prone to breakouts? You may flush easily in cold or hot temperatures. Are you prone to skin inflammation and irritation or broken capillaries?

We feel your pain, as do millions of other people!

Many factors can cause skin sensitivity, some of which we cannot control. Genetics, weather, hormones, water, and the environment can all contribute. But by following these simple lifestyle tips, you can improve your complexion as well as your confidence!

Don’t drink hot water.

Avoid washing your face in hot water. It will also cause your skin to feel flushed, which can aggravate it. Hot water strips away the essential oils that we need to keep our skin healthy.

Lukewarm water is your best friend.

Learn how to care for sensitive skin.

You may be on the hunt for the perfect product for your sensitive skin, but I urge you to stop testing the product after development. This will irritate your skin and upset its pH balance. Stick to a single skincare routine using the same product range. Could you keep it simple?

Pevonia RS2 range is specifically designed to relieve rosacea or to prevent it in those with sensitive skin. The range includes a cleanser, toners, serums, and moisturizers that soothe, hydrate, and make the skin look even toned.

Go Natural

Natural skincare products will improve your skin’s health and contribute to a healthier environment. Opt for natural skincare that contains soothing, calming, and nurturing ingredients like chamomiles, calendulas, aloes, lavenders, and propolis. These products will help to overcome skin sensitivities.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Moisturize your skin every day, both morning and evening. Moisturizing helps lock in moisture and prevents the sensitive gut from drying out.

Avoid overexposing yourself to the sun.

It can irritate your skin, which is already sensitive. Keep reactions at bay with a natural, fragrance-free sunscreen. Wear a hat as well!

Red Wine can be an enemy (eek!)

You’re like me and enjoy a glass of red wine at night, but you should avoid it. Why red, you ask? Red wine causes flushing and redness of the skin and opens blood vessels. It also releases histamines, which cause the skin to become red.

Hydration key

Water is essential. Water not only hydrates, but it also removes toxins and replenishes the skin tissue. Water can help fight skin conditions such as psoriasis and rosacea.

We are What We Eat.

Green leafy vegetables and foods high in essential fatty acids and vitamins are good for your skin. Vitamin C and Vitamin E-rich foods are good for your skin because they act as antioxidants but also help to maintain a healthy immune function. Think of broccoli, kale, spinach, and avocados, as well as nuts, seeds, blueberries, and strawberries.

Remove makeup before bed.

If you sleep with makeup on your face, it can cause skin irritation and breakouts. Makeup traps dead cells and also blocks pores. When pores are blocked, the skin cannot breathe and regenerate.

Sleep more, stress less.

It’s easier to say than do! This is especially true if you are a parent, have children, or work long hours. If you can put your head to bed even a half-hour earlier, it will make a huge difference in allowing your skin to regenerate and repair itself and your mind to recharge.

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