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Are you new to eyeliner? How to create the basic eyeliner look

As many of you do, I am a fanatic about eyeliner. I love the perfection and precision of a liquid cat-eye; I also love the smudgy, bedroom-like look that can be created with a pencil; I also love the deep, wet vinyl-like look of gel. You’ll find 19 different eyeliners in shades such as black, brown, and navy. Even less frequently used eyeliners (hot pink!) are in my collection. Red! Turquoise! silver glitter!) I have a large box in my wardrobe.

For those who are new to makeup or have just started to experiment with eyeliner, it can be a frustrating experience. Do you only line the upper lids or also the bottom? Do you line the bottom lids as well? How can eyeliner stay on a waterline? When you want to try a cat eye, do you use tape or a spoon? Liquid or gel? Powder or pencils? What about a brush instead? Hey, do you look cool or what? Do you look insane? How do you know?

Deep breaths, newbies.

You only need one eyeliner product if you are just getting started. This is a waterproof, simple black eyeliner pencil. This Inglot pencil, which is water-resistant and smooth, costs only $12.

You can also use the Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘N’ Kohl if your goal is to learn how you can achieve a super-smudged look. Could you keep it simple? Save the gel and liquid liners for after you’ve mastered the pencil.

You can use a rich, emollient pencil liner in many ways. Three of the most popular looks are going to be discussed.


When you tightline, you gently (but firmly!) poke the eyeliner between your lashes to make them look fuller and more lush. To make your lashes look thicker and fuller, you can (gently!) poke the eyeliner between them. You don’t look as if you are wearing much eyeliner, but you have naturally thick, full, and darker lashes.

Apply liner between your eyelashes and top lid using a sharpened pencil. Fill in any gaps or spaces you see. (Please do not stab yourself in the eyes.) You might think, “UGH, is this even worthwhile?” at first, but with practice, you will be able to tightline your eyelashes like a cartoon kitten.


Waterline is the act of lining the actual edge of your eyelids, where your eyeball meets the waterline. Like tightening, waterlining can make your lashes appear fuller and more beautiful as if you were born with extra lashes. Waterlining can make your eyes look deeper and brighter. It’s difficult for others to pinpoint why. We know the reason: waterlining! It took me a while to get used to this technique. I couldn’t believe I was putting makeup along my waterline. Now I do it every day!

You can gently lift your upper eyelid towards your eyebrow using your finger. Look at the smooth strip of flesh that is under your eyelashes. We’ll place the pencil there. Then, run the pencil lightly along the waterline. Check to see how much pigment is being applied, and repeat the process to fill in any gaps. You can also add mascara to your bottom waterline if you wish. There! With just a few strokes of the pen, you can create instant, subtle drama!

Cat Eye

Pull the outer edge of your lid taut. It’s important to ensure that your pencil does not catch on any loose skin. We want a sharp line and not wiggles. With your sharpened pencil, start at the inner corner and draw a dark line that is as close to your lash line as possible, finishing at the edge. To create the cat eye look, use your eyeliner pencil to draw a small dot where you would like the pointed end to be. If you are trying this technique for the first, do not go too dramatic by drawing the flick end way far out on your eye. Connect your eyeliner to the dot that has already been removed, and end with a point.

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