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80s make up look

80s make up look

The beauty industry is seeing the return of the ’80s in big ways. Retro trends such as blue eyes, pink lipsticks, bold cheek blush and a more-ism approach to makeup are becoming increasingly popular with influencers and celebs. We are seeing brighter colours return to these makeup looks. But we also love the modern, and fresh take celebs use in their ’80s-inspired makeup looks. Steve Kassajikian is Urban Decay’s global makeup artist. He says that the exaggerated blush and bright eyeshadows are making a comeback. These looks are playful and fun and can be used with all skin types.

You might be unsure if you are ready to rock bold ’80s looks compared to the neutrals you have seen recently. But don’t worry: We’ve got your back. We have compiled a list of 10 contemporary, wearable ways to recreate the ’80s makeup looks.

Pretty in Pink Lips

Christie Brinkley is an ’80s icon. It is no surprise that her bold pink lips are a major inspiration. This is a great way to start embracing ’80s beauty if neutrals are not your thing. Christie wore a pink fuchsia lip and a Smokey eye. But, this look can be totally yours. You can pair it with another popular look from the ’80s: blue eyeshadow.

Primary colours

Lupita Nyong’o looked stunning in her matte blue eyeshadow, red lips and bright lipstick. Kassajikian says, “I love colour so I’m excited that colourful eyeshadows are trending again.” Kassajikian let bold colours speak for themselves. Kassajikian suggests that you apply “a fun shade such as blue or purple all over your lid paired with mascara for a bold yet simple look.” The HUDA Beauty Obsessions Palette Sapphire has a variety of blue shades to choose from. This eyeshadow palette is perfect for anyone looking for a matte or shimmery shade.

Blushing Beauty

Forget highlighter–defining your cheeks in the ’80s was all about exaggerated blush that matched your eyeshadow. This bold trend in makeup (also known as draping) was popularized by Madonna, Madonna, and Iman. We love Rihanna’s take on the look. Kassajikian says that you can try it by simply applying your blush slightly higher to the cheekbones, and then blend back to your hairline. Choose a pink shade like KALEIDO Cosmetics’ Blush In Primadonna. Kassajikian suggests this tip to avoid streaks: “Build the color as your go for more even blend in a patting motion. This will avoid harsh lines.”

The Bold and the Beautiful Brows

Bold eyes and bold eyebrows were the hallmarks of the 1980s. Ever since Cara Delavigne was seen on the runway with her eyebrows, it seems like bold, bushy, bushy brows, a la Brooke Shields or Cindy Crawford, have been in fashion. It might seem difficult to achieve this look if you have spent years overplucking them. However, an eyebrow pencil and brow gel can make a big difference. Zoe Kravtiz’s feathery brows (which are total brow goals) will inspire you to stock up on essentials. You may feel your brows look a little sparse, and want to use a natural method of pencilling them in.

Statement Shadow

The ’80s saw the rise of eyeshadow that extends beyond your lash line to reach your eyebrows. We love Margot Robbie’s modern interpretation of the trend, which she wore with orange eyeshadow all over the lid. This look can be achieved at home by using bright eyeshadow colours. Kassajikian recommends using lighter shades to blend in the look. Kassajikian says that too dark or too Smokey can make your eyes appear smaller.

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