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Are you prone to facial redness? Lifestyle tips for sensitive skin

Does your skin react to anything and everything? Are you prone to breakouts? You may flush easily in cold or hot temperatures. Are you prone to skin inflammation and irritation or broken capillaries? We feel your pain, as do millions of other people! Many factors can cause skin sensitivity, some of which we cannot control. Genetics, weather, hormones, water, and the environment can all contribute. But by following these simple lifestyle tips, you can improve your complexion as well as your confidence! Don't drink hot water. Avoid washing your face in hot water. It will also cause your skin to...

Makeup Tips You’ll Want to Know Now

The perfect makeup does not have to be a complex ritual or time-consuming task! It should be easy and simple. Liane Scor, Owner and Creator at ELES Cosmetics and makeup expert, shared her makeup tricks and tips that will make makeup application fun and easy. Liane is the expert on concealers. She can help you with any questions, such as how to hide those annoying pimples and prevent them from getting worse or how to stop your concealer from highlighting your lines. If you don't find the answer to your question below, you can always email ELES Cosmetics. They will get...