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Cerave moisturising cream

CeraVe Moisturizing Creme is unlikely to have been recommended by a friend or dermatologist. Although you might be familiar with the brand's acne treatments, it is easy to miss an excellent moisturizer. If you are still looking for a moisturizer because of sensitive skin or psoriasis (or dehydrated skin), CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is the best choice. All CeraVe products are excellent for sensitive skin. I tested this particular one to see if it would help my dehydrated skin. About my skin: It's scorched. CeraVe Moisturizing Cream is one of those rare gems in skincare that not everyone knows about. The product was new...

Order of makeup

Concealer after foundation? Blush before eyebrows Blush before eyebrows? This topic is controversial due to differing opinions about which products you should use first. Don't worry; we have the exact steps to apply makeup, so you don't have to guess. What is the general rule of thumb? The general rule of thumb? Below is our step-by, illustrated application guide. Step 1 - Primer & Corrector A primer or colorcorrector are optional. However, if you choose to use one (or both), it should be done immediately after your skincare routine. This will even out your skin and make the product last longer. Step 2...

Liquid eye liner

How to apply liquid liners successfully Follow the Vogue contributing editor Pat McGrath's lead and draw the wing first. You can easily place the wing too high or low once you have drawn a line down your lashes. This is especially true considering the natural curve of your eye that slopes downwards towards the outer corner. Instead, you can look straight ahead in the mirror and place a dot where the line should end. Then, draw your flick, then along your lashes. How can I pick the right eyeliner? Consider what effect you are looking for in your eyeliner. While liquids can give you a...

Hair curler wand

You can achieve beautiful beach waves, but it takes a high-quality hot tool and some elbow grease. To achieve the perfect look, you can use a curling Iron. Some even use a flatiron to curl their hair. However, a curling wand gives beautiful, versatile curls without looking too tame. Are wands more effective than curling irons? "Most people would prefer a clampless wand when curling your hair at home. You wrap the hair around it," Eugene Toye (Hairstylist at Rita Hazan salon in New York City) says. He explains that wands are more accessible than traditional curling irons, as "clamps can leave marks on the hair...

Chanel hand cream

Experts believe the hands are the first to start showing signs of aging, such as age spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. As it turns out, the hands are the most neglected part of almost everyone's beauty regimen. Hands are the most frequently used parts of our bodies. They are exposed to chemicals in soap, dirt, and sunlight. Additionally, the skin on our hands differs from the skin on the other parts of our bodies. We all know that women's skin is more sensitive than men's. However, this doesn't mean men shouldn't use them. We need to take care of our skin....

Dior lip glow oil

Lip oils have never been my favorite. I found them more oily than greasy. When I saw the glowing reviews of Dior's Addict lip oil ($35), I was skeptical. A friend told me that Dior's version kept her lips moisturized and soft in 23-degree weather. It convinced her to try it. The Dior salesperson at Miami International Airport told me the lip oils were no longer available. Although I knew they were famous, I was shocked that it was so hard to find them. I could locate one in the Universal Clear color at a nearby mall. My questions remained: What made it so...